Vick Not Giving a Dime to Animal Groups--It's All About Vick

ichael Vick To Star In Reality TVShow

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Posted on Oct 07, 2009 @ 07:27PM  
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Zuma Press
In a move that seemed unthinkable just months ago, Michael Vick has been signed to star in his own reality TV series.
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The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback who was recently reinstated into the National Football League after his prison stint for running a dog-fighting ring, is partnering with BET for what is called an eight-part docu-series.
The series will explore Vick’s past, his time in prison, his NFL comeback and his problems with his fiancé.
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Vick’s own production company is producing the show and his producers say it will be different from other reality shows, with a more serious tone.
In a statement released today, Vick said: “This show can be a blueprint for so many kids. I want to show that if they have a fall from grace, this is how they can turn it around. We want this to be a story of hope."
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One thing Vick did not say, however, is anything about donating a portion of his TV show profits to animal charities. He’s $20 million in debtand his sorry-about-the-dog thing comeback tour apparently does not involve financial contributions to help animal organizations.

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