To Barth: Please Clarify Your Refusal to Provide Requested Information Under CPRA

Linda Barth,

Do you have any response to the two general emails I sent you and others about your response to my records request regarding information about field activities of the Animal Cruelty Task Force and Los Angeles Animal Services concerning complaints of residents having too many cats, or involving enforcement of the Kennel Law 53.50?

No one is certain as to what your response means and I hope you can clarify. Did you mean:

1. The department does not keep records that in any way go to answer the questions I sent you such as field activity logs, public complaints, etc.; or,

2. You do have records that if examined would provide answers to my original request, but you refuse to compile answers to the questions from activity logs or whatever form you keep records in;

3. All or most of the Kennel Law enforcement activities are done off book.

Everyone has noted that your failure to provide further direction is also a violation of the California Public Record Act.

Please respond to "respond all."

Edward Muzika


Anonymous said...

Barth is too embarassed to say that the administrators are not capable of keeping complete and accurate records. They are never held accountable for their actions (or inactions) so why should they care. This Department's administrators are what gives Civil Services employees the reputation they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Often, conspiracy theorists insert their crazy ideas into the hole left by bureaucrats covering up something more prosaic, like stupidity.
How's that shoe fit?

Anonymous said...

Why don't YOU "respond all?"