Jimmy's Tragedy

In late July, a 6 to 8 week old kitten appeared at Jimmy’s tent located behind bed bath and beyond in Northridge.  The little critter was gorgeous, with soft white and gray for.  Everyone who saw Snoop wanted to adopt him.  Three days later, an orange and white female kitten of about the same age also appeared mysteriously by Jimmy’s tent. This was just after the story about have appeared in the LA weekly.

Of the many visitors who visited Jimmy all love these two kittens because they were so beautiful at because of their affectionate love and attachment with each other.  They were inseparable.
On January 6, the orange and white now 8-month-old kitten did not show up for breakfast.  Jimmy leads the door of his open all night long so that the CAT scan common go inside for safety as the area is heavily infested with coyotes.

Jimmy, deeply worried, searched for the missing kitten.  To his horror, he found her about 300 feet down the tracks from where his tent is pitched.  She was dead, torn into three pieces. Coyotes.  Jimmy was heartbroken; she was one of his two favorite cats.  He cried and cried entire day before I saw him late at night doing his nightly feeding rounds of 9 colonies.

As heartbroken as Jimmy was, Snoop, the gray and white love companion of the origin white female, was even more devastated.  He would not leave the spot where he saw his mate die.  He stopped eating altogether, and rapidly lost weight.

A half dozen times a day, Jimmy chased the cat away from where his mate was killed, trying to herd it back towards the test.  However Snoop was disconsolate.  When Jimmy tried to hold him, rather than relax and become affectionate as he had always done before, he would leap out of Jimmy’s arms and run back to the spot where his companion had died.

Yesterday, Snoop failed to show up for breakfast.  Jimmy immediately began searching for him, and unfortunately and tragically, found his body torn into multiple pieces about 6 feet from where his companion had been killed 9 days before. In Jimmy’s mind, Snoop just wanted to join his companion in death.  He hardly ever left the spot where she died despite Jimmy’s desperate efforts to get him to leave that dangerous area, and he had stopped eating nine days before.  Snoop wanted to join his companion in death and go where she went.

Naturally Jimmy is beside himself, losing his two favorite cats to horrible deaths in a period of 9 days.  He felt so disconsolate he ran back to his tent and was thinking of killing himself with a knife.  Instead, he just cried all day and night at having lost two of his closest companions in 9 days.


Anonymous said...

How horrible. I'm so sorry to hear this. If a coyote kills one cat, it will return to see if there are more cats to eat there. In one week a coyote killed all of my neighbors cats. Every night another one was dead in pieces on the lawn until there were no more cats.

Unknown said...

After thinking about this event for several hours I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing I can say that will make Jimmy's loss easier or more understandable. It really is what it is and can't have a candy coating applied to it that will stick. My most sincere condolences are extended to Jimmy.

Anonymous said...

My deepest condolences to Jimmy on his loss.

I'm Frightened said...

My deepest condolences to the little kittens for their horrible tragedy. What a horrible sight for Jimmy to behold--but even more painful and horrid for the kittens who suffered the terror and death being ripped apart alive... in pieces. My thoughts and prayers are with those kittens as well as the rest of the cats who Jimmy feeds in the neighborhood. May they be safe from the clutches of the coyotes.

God, our cats and cat colonies are in terrible danger!!!! I won't be able to take it losing them to this horrible death either. I want them for at least 20 more years, but it looks as if they are going to die a horrible and terrifying death soon. God and His Armies of Angels please help and protect them!

Anonymous said...

that's a funny story. i hope animal researchers take the rest of jimmy's cats away.