Disclaimer for All ADLLA Posts:

Disclaimer for All ADL Posts:

All information contained within this post is from anonymous sources who are afraid of retaliation by the City or Ed Boks. No allegation ever posted here will have any supporting evidence whatsoever; no facts are allowed or condoned. All anonymous emails will sound exactly alike in terms of tone and content. Every sentence will include at least one epithet, and a well-crafted sentence will have four. All posts will sound like an angry 15 year old with a seventh grade education. Most accusations are aimed at getting someone fired so a chum can take their place. No male will ever be considered honest or intelligent. All predictions will be wrong. All allegations are lies.

I am not kidding. Talk a look at any of their non-Winograd posts.

Is there any man who is not regarded as a cretin, thief, incompetent or a liar?

Who are the heroes? They are all heroines, from LAAS workers they like, to the brilliant, highly educated, compassionate AGM candidates.

That is, ADL is a raging sexist.

Is there any merit to any accusation about anyone they don't like, such as Boks the Partying Preacher? What are the facts behind this charge?

Who are his drinking buddies? I should know, because we write our blogs from the same computer according to certain sources. What parties? Where? What dates?

There are no facts, just allegations, and I don't know what percentage are true; there is no way to tell without facts.

The sources are always anonymous, unnamed insiders and spies. The anonymous emails all sound alike. They have the same content. They are all on the same message for that post. They all use the same epithets: fat, lazy, liar, Cretin, thug, stupid, corrupt, clueless, foul, etc.

How can anyone believe anything said in their emails? There is nothing there. Nothing!

The last accurate prediction they had was two years ago when they predicted Greenwalt was going to resign.

If the ADL wants to be taken seriously, they have to stop ranting like children and talk convincingly.

PS: I finally figured out how to view comments and post them. Check back where you made comments. Thanks. They were all positive.

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