LA County Shelters' Kill Stats

While the ADL has been pounding on LAAS, attracting a lot of media attention, the County Shelters have gone ignored.

On their website:

Last year the County sent approximately 80,000 animals to West Coast Rendering. However, these were not all euthanized dogs and cats. Of this number, 21,583 were dead animals removed from streets or animal bodies surrendered by their owners after their pets passed away. Furthermore, 7,294 were pets that were euthanized at the request of their owners, usually for medical and humane reasons. Additionally, 9,264 were animals other than dogs and cats, such as livestock, wildlife, birds, rabbits, etc. The remaining 42,486 were dogs and cats euthanized at our six County shelters.

The County killed twice as many cats and dogs as LA under Stuckey, but with only a marginally larger population. The estimated 2004 population of the County is 5.6 million vs. 4.3 million for the City.

They also killed 9,264 “other” animals, including wildlife, compared to 3,356 for the City, again, without having nearly twice the population. I have no idea what their impound rate was, they did not publish those stats, but I certainly would prefer to be a homeless pet in the City vs. the County.

I think the ADL is railing at the wrong agency.

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