Rescuer Notices Big Changes at LAAS Shelters

Froms Craig's List in response to a posting that said Ed is tallking, but not walking the walk:

I have a senior cat from the pound that actually has had a full blood panel and a urinalysis - $150 of work that rescuers used to have to pay for out of pocket. This would never, never, never have happened under Guerdon Stuckey.

Anyone with eyes can see that the euth list is shorter than it used to be.I see him (Ed) talking, but I see him walking, too.

I really don't care what the rumors are about someone's job performance 5 years ago. I would hate to be judged on rumors about my job performance 5 years ago.

Please, turn your attentions to something that is an actual, urgent issue (seal hunting, horse slaughter, cat and dog fur from China) and let the man work. I see concrete evidence that he is doing good work and so do the other rescuers I deal with on a daily basis.


I'm thinking that if maybe some of the people who love to spend their time digging for dirt were actually on the streets rescuing that their opinions of Ed Boks may be a bit different. At least they would be accomplishing something positive. Do any of these people actually rescue animals?

What I've seen since Ed Boks came to town are some real and tangible improvements. A cat that was dumped at West Valley that was ill. In the old days, he would have gotten the needle almost immediately. What happened to this fellow? West Valley took him to an actual (and good) vet hospital and paid to keep him in there a week until he got better. Then, they contacted a rescue group and begged for them to take him in. They did and now this sweet boy is living the good life with his foster mom until he finds his forever home.

LAAS has reached out to rescue to train their staffs in bottle-baby feeding so that unweaneds will be given more than the standard 2 hours before they are put down. Do you realize how many thousands of lives this will end up saving?

Shelter workers are also now treating URI with Clavamox and other antibiotics instead of just sticking a mildly sick animal in a cage and then sending it off to die.

Why don't you give some examples of horrible things Mr. Boks has done here in Los Angeles? Is IT due to the fact that maybe there hasn't been anything?

He is making a difference...a positive one. I am just as hardened and skeptical as any rescuer when it comes to LAAS (not to mention County). But positive things have already happened and more is in the works. He's been here since January for goodness sakes. 4 months! And he's already accomplished more than the other GM's did in the decade before he arrived.

Yeah, it's not all going to get good overnight but steps are being taken in the right direction. If you want to really help animals, then instead of continually posting negative stuff why not go grab some animals out of the shelters and foster them. Spend your nights doing TNR. Take your fosters out to adoption events. You know, like the rest of us real rescuers.
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