My article in The Pet Press

Please look at my article on page 8 of the latest edition of Pet Press. It's about Ed Boks and the radical changes at LAAS.

Also, just received a cc of an email sent to Ed Boks:


I'm with So CSR. I also write about cats. I do a lot of writing for The Pet Press and have written for Cat Fancy and other publications.

I've pulled several cats and kittens from E. Valley and W. Valley, and it's amazing how much more rescue friendly they are compared to how they used to be. I don't know how you've done it, but something's changed since you've come.

I'm looking forward to meeting you at the New Hope meeting on Tuesday. The program sounds fantastic. We already have a great relationship withTracey at East Valley (She's wonderful!)

Thanks again for the great work you're doing. I know it's not an easy job.

Kari Winters
So.CA. Siamese Rescue
Professional member of Cat Writers' Association Changing animals' lives through writing


I notice that the ADL once again is playing nice. Hope there isn't an abrupt turn-around again. Thinking about it, I thought maybe all the positive news and numbers coming out of LAAS might be giving them second thoughts about changing their "venue." I certainly hope so.

Thinking about it a second time, brought out the good ole' cynical Ed. Cynical Ed figures they are just laying low until the new Assistant General Manager is appointed. If it is someone that the ADL wants, then they will shift to attacking specific problems as they arise at each shelter and make demands for other changes, for example, that Ed Boks should go on a long vacation while they run the shelters.

If someone the ADL doesn't like is appointed, the good ole' ADL we have grown to love and hate, will re-emerge. If the latter happens, we know they were just playing a cynical gambit and nothing will make them happy until Ed is gone, even if he accomplished 97% no-kill in a year.

Guess we'll see after Ed makes the choice.


I wanted to make a special mention of an ace reporter, who, in repeated emails to Ed Boks, me, and many others in the animal community, claimed that Ed Boks and I were writing our separate blogs on the same computer. She showed that the Internet IP address of our separate blogs were the same. Ergo, we must use the same computer, right?

Well, Ed Boks sent her an email to end the "confusion." He told her that the IP address she said was of our "conspiracy" computer, was really that of the Google server that hosted our separate blogs. Maybe she thinks that the millions of blogs hosted on are all done on Ed's computer.

Since I have received up to 9 emails a day from her and as many as 35 in a week, pumping me to answer questions such as where was the mysterious computer located that Ed Boks and Ed Muzika were using to publish their blogs, my suspicion is that she is engaged in a personal vendatta against me to smear me and my reputation.

She will do anything, say anything and find the smallest bit of evidence, that could be construed to support the most outlandish theories. What is she going to accuse me of next? Being a Republican?

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