General Manager's Quarterly Report to the Commission

The General Managers quarterly report is posted on LAAS’s website.

It is 21 pages long and lists in incredible detail all the programs, meetings, volunteer activities, hiring activities, wildlife encounters and so forth during the past three months that would lead one to expect this is a report of activities of an organization four times the size of LAAS.

I have heard from employees that this is a very short form of all the results and activities submitted to Ed as reports, which means the actual activities are significantly larger. LAAS has been very, very busy. Whoever prepared this report deserves an Pulitzer.

The massive effort indicated gives lie to the allegation that Ed is only showboating. I only wish I had 25% of his energy.

I also understand there have been employee complaints about all the additional work Ed is making them do. I had also heard early on, even before he came to LA, that he was hard on underperforming employees in NYC. Well, I can see the reason why. He is making a department consisting of 300+ people do the work of a department of 600 people. Good for Ed and the animals.

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