Yet Another Pleased Customer

Even while some are trying to to tear Ed Boks and LAAS down, I keep getting letters from actual people adopting actual animals from the shelters, and actually sign their names about their positive experiences.

Dear Mr. Boks,

On March 18th of this year I went to the North Central shelter in the hope of adopting an adult cat that I could take home and spoil rotten. I was looking for one that was already altered and that I could take home that day because I work in Irvine and couldn't come in the middle of the week to pick up a cat would have to have a vet visit to be altered. I was getting frustrated because of the several cats that really caught my eye, not one of them was altered yet.

I asked one of the shelter staff if they could find out which cats were already altered so I wouldn't be so frustrated. While he was searching the computer, a man came in carrying a box with two little 4 day old Russian Blue kittens that he had found in his garage. I was having a conversation with the girls behind the counter and holding one of the babies to warm it while my husband held the other.

The girls were very upset because they said that if they couldn't find someone to take
the babies right away that they would have to euthanize them since they didn't have the staff or resources to care for kittens this young. Well, being the overwhelming softie that I am, I immediately told them that I would take these two little creatures and raise them. They gave me kitten formula, bottles and some toweling to use to get them home along with advice on
what was needed to properly care for them.

Everyone there seemed so happy and relieved that they wouldn't have to put them to sleep.
Today those babies, Precious (girl) and Teddy (boy), are just a few days shy of 6 weeks old and are beautiful, healthy, super active kittens who are loved to distraction and spoiled rotten (can supply pictures if wanted).

They will be going for their first shots in a couple of days and will be getting spayed/neutered and micro-chipped as soon as they are old enough to have it done. I can't say enough good things about your staff. Their genuine and heartfelt emotions for the animals in their care is more than apparent and they will always have a special place in my heart for providing me with the two little Tasmanian devils that are the joys of my life.

Cathy Ribb

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