Ooops, I spoke too soon. Just as I thought the ADL was going positive and was welcoming them back into the fold of sanity, I had the below forwarded to me today.

From the ADLLA:

Why the Mayor keeps Jim Bickhart on his staff is beyond ADL-LA. First, Bickhart gets rid of the best Commissioner on the LAAS board –

Let us be clear, this is the mantra the ADL keeps repeating as if repetition made it true. Brunson—and I assume that is the “who” to which the ADL allegation refers—was not fired. Erika's resignation letter was posted on the Internet. I assume they mean Erika, but even the need to nail down this one fact takes too much effort.

Of course, a letter of resignation is many times a sign of being tossed, but does the ADL cite any secondary, non-anonymous source that would confirm that Brunson was fired?

Let us assume for a moment she was fired, does that mean her replacement was incompetent and the other commissioners were lesser than Brunson? Which Commissioners are you claiming are incompetent or unworthy?

and now he and Ed Boks have teamed up. From what our inside sources are telling us, they are doing some very underhanded things.

What do you mean, "teamed up?" I would hope as City employees they would work together. What inside sources and what underhanded things? Lies got your tongue?

Personally, I think both ought to sue the ADL for defamation, slander, libel and being poor writers, but this is exactly what they want: goad the victim into suing, or sending them to jail, and then play the poor victim of demonic forces that the clever and righteous ADL can so easily defeat.

Not only are they breaking promises made to the animals, but they are writing false press releases to cover up mistakes that Boks has made.

What mistakes that Ed made? What false press releases? To what media? To what reporter? Please tell us what the hell you are talking about so that the charges can be examined and the truth found.

Bickhart may have even turned over private Mayoral documents to those who are being paid on behalf of the City - while at the same time defaming individuals critical of Ed Boks.

Bickhart "may have" turned over private Mayoral documents? What is a "private Mayoral document?" The results of the Mayor's last physical? His laundry list? The "public document" resignation letter of Erica Brunson? You throw garbage accusations, one after another in an effort to see what sticks. The Big Lie ADL, the Big Lie.

A source is quoted as saying "Boks and Bickhart - the two 'boobs' - are treading water, trying their hardest to surround Ed Boks with individuals who are too stupid and incompetent to show Boks up for the liar and fraud he is."

“A source is quoted.” What source would that be, the voices in your head?

What lies and what sort of fraud?

Imagine the irrationality and hatred of someone who puts the words, “stupid,” “incompetent,” “liar,” and "fraud" together in one sentence. You are appealing to the lowest common denominator of psychologically handicapped people imaginable.

Boks and Bickhart LIE - the Animals DIE.

Lie about what-exactly? What is the content of this new charge? You stink ADL, and the animals also die. Now some crazy will email me that I am defaming those who tell the truth; but what is your truth? The same voices in your head? There is no truth here, only empty allegations from anonymous sources.

Many believe that Boks and Bickhart are afraid to appoint anyone who is really brilliant as Assistant General Manager, a position that has been vacant for a very long time, because he/she may over shadow the "Ed Boks Show."

Who are those many us who so believe? Again, anonymous?

The AGM candidates that we have heard were being considered from within the humane community are apparently, all competent capable individuals. Three of these are female attorneys. One is a smart and sincere past LAAS commissioner Laura Beth Heisen--who apparently has her own no kill plan. Another may even be an animal rights attorney!

(Yes, and another may be the King of France. You won’t tell us, will you?)

The third Terri Macellaro, is an esteemed trial attorney who has run her own humane organization.

All three women have a higher educational background than does Boks, and from what we are told by leaders in the humane community, have more dedication to humane no kill and the passion to implement it, then Boks could ever have.

What leaders in the humane community? Yes, any of the three may make an excellent choice as AGM. I agree. But how would you like to have a new VP of ADL rammed down your throat against your will? Will the employees ignore the new AGM, supported by the ADL, who has been bad mouthing them for years? Will they do everything possible to undermine and destroy that AGM, rendering her totally ineffectual? Or, are you stating that if, for example, Terri or Laura Beth Heisen were made AGM, the ADL will stand by their shoulders and force changes down LAAS’s collective throat?

May I also point out that you, or the esteemed leaders in the community, did not name even one male candidate? In fact, at the so-called meeting where the “LA animal Community” chose a candidate, not one man was interviewed. I know, I was there.

I do know that two qualified men, one the head of a fairly large County shelter system, were not even invited for a final interview, because Pam termed him a “red-neck.” The other was destroyed by anonymous rumors of sexual harassment in the past, launched by a female friend of one of the female candidates you suggested above, who offered no proof whatsoever. When I asked for specifics, I was told, "You know yourself Ed, that where there are allegations, there is always some truth." Geeze, no I didn't know that.

So maybe, that's the EXACT reason why none of them have been appointed so far!

Maybe not. Wish you had some proof one way or another to support your charges. The Big Lie; the Big Lie, perfected by Adolph Hitler, and which he wrote about as part of his propaganda strategy. Repeat a big lie often enough and it becomes accepted truth. Look at Bush.

But Boks is so busy trying to do damage control and not let anyone find out about his past failures that no decent vets have been hired. The clinics sit there, fully equipped and unused.

Yes, he is doing damage control from the damage the ADL is causing. What other damage are you talking about? Would this be alleged anonymous damage according to alleged anonymous sources other than your own internal voices?

ADL-LA Disclaimer: Many of the reports contained in our Action Alerts have been received anonymously and the Campaign cannot make any guarantees for the accuracy of these reports. Any views or comments stated in reports, Action Alerts or on the web site are not necessarily the views of STK or ADL-LA.

Wow!! You post all sorts of charges, some quoted from "anonymous" sources, some without any citation, therefore are likely your own, and then claim such views or comment are not your own?

In other words, you, the Board of Directots of the ADL, are free to say whatever you want and blame it on anonymous sources. You do not make even the minimal effort to find facts.

As I have stated, from the people I know, the rescuers, the LAAS personnel, I have heard nothing but praise. Only from you and a very few others do I hear slander. Of course the praise may turn to blame down the line, but there is no evidence now.

For example, one of yours, who claimed to be a friend, emailed me that all of Ed’s employees hate him. I tried to pin him down, even to why they hate him and he told me he would not say, that it was up to them to publish why they hate Ed. He said he did not want to be quoted with specifics. You see, it was a lie. Liars have no proof, just as you have none. They just trust that some innocent, somewhere, will believe them.

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