UPDATE: New Statistics on Dramatic Downward Trend in Euthanasia

Some March statistics for LAAS euthanasia/adoption rates are in. Compared to last year, the decrease in euthanasia rates at all the shelters is astounding, as is the increase in adoption rates. The change is both rapid and dramatic. I don't think anyone expected such a huge positive change for at least a year. Yeah LAAS!!!

Ed has started a program called plus one/minus one, meaning each day a shelter should aim at one additional adoption per day and one less killing per day compared to the same date last year.

  • The winners for March 6, 2006, compared to March 6, 2005 are:
  • East Valley for a 57.31% decrease in Euthanasia (West Valley was a veryclose 2nd!).
  • Harbor for an 82.14% increase in Adoptions.
  • West LA for a 100% increase in New Hopes.

    The stats for all the shelters are for March 6, 2006 compared to Mrach 6, 2005 are:
  • East Valley Adoptions up 29.01%East Valley New Hopes down 16.92%, Euthanasia down 57.31%.
  • Harbor Adoptions up 82.14%, Harbor New Hopes down 63.83%, Harbor Euthanasia up 26.09.
  • North Central Adoptions up 9.15%, North Central New Hopes down 22.29%, North Central Euthanasia down 25.46%.
  • South LA Adoptions up 5.83%, South LA New Hopes down 46.72%, South LA Euthanasia down 32.88%.
  • West LA Adoptions up 10.48%, West LA New Hopes up 100%, West LA Euthanasia up 5.71%.
  • West Valley Adoptions down 9.09%, West Valley New Hopes down 14.06%, West Valley Euthanasia down 53.27%.
  • LAAS Totals: Adoptions up 14.50%, New Hopes down 22.24%, Euthanasia down 37.31%.

I want to clarify, the figures above do not compare month to month decreases, but results for the date or month of this year compared to that same date or month, last year. Therefore, when I say there was a 24% decrease in euthanasia for January, it means compared to January 2005, not compared to December 2005. The same for February, which showed a 33% decrease; that was compared to February 2005, not January 2006.

For the year ended February 28, 2006, you add together the monthly totals of March 2005 through Februart 2006, which is 20,094.

To compare the total change from 2005 to 2006, you need to wait until the end of 2006 and add the twelve month totals and compare with January through December 2005.

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