Boks Annual Report In

At first blush, things are even worse than I had expected. Live save rate is projected downward 2%. To avoid further embarrassment, he refers 2006 results to 2001, not 2005. On the other hand, he appears much less "spinny" at this point. Analysis to follow. Got to get some real work done now.


Anonymous said...

It's still full of spin. This is his introduction.

"Thanks to you, in 2006 we saw the greatest number of animals placed into loving homes, the fewest number of animals euthanized, and the most animals spayed and neutered in LA City history! And 2007 will be even better!"

Fewer animals made it out alive. The euthanasia rate is the same. Counting bodies is misleading because intake is down.

He admitted in the report that out alive is the same as 2005. He said it will go even lower! This means he projects euthansia to go up! How is he the nokill king? His first year he doesn't get the euth rate down. His second year it's going up?

Anonymous said...

Gee, it sounds like Boks' idea of no kill is to let the animals die in the shelter as if that's no reflection on him! So, he doesn't have to kill more of them, he just lets them "humanely" and accidentally die of disease or kill each other due to the stress of overcrowding. He KNEW this is what would happen to our animals. He's done this before! Sick, sick, sick! He values his bogus reputation more than the lives of our animals. Go home! Wherever that is.