Update on Philly Surpasses LAAS

I talked to Tara Derby-Perrin, Executive Director of PAWS/PACCA in Philly.

They went from 88% kill in 2004 to 50% kill two years later, and now they are down to 35% kill--in two years! LAAS is at 40% after 5 years with 1% of that improvement coming under Boks during the last 15 months.

Their save rate on all cat + dog impounds was 66% January-March 2007. They had about 26,000 dog/cat impounds. Deaths for neonatal kittens so far this year, is almost "non-existent."

I asked for more complete stats than posted on their site which I referred to on my blog yesterday, especially disposition. They do not use Chameleon tracking software. They did not have impound stats for neonatal last year but have started this year. She will send all shortly.

They have a budget of $3.2 million and 60 full-times equivalent employees, compared to our $25 million and 400 employees. They have 250 active volunteers, which is 4 volunteers for every employee. They have 60% of LAAS impound load, but only 13% of its budget and 15% of its manpower.

This is comparable to the disparity between LAAS resources and SFACC's under Carl Friedman, who has an even greater success rate than Philadelphia, but who has been at it far longer and has less than half the impounds of Philadelphia.

They have 11 associated private shelters that take some of their animals and another 30 "New Hope" partners. She will send the transfer stats.

She said the save rate for neonatal kittens was 90% during the 1st quarter compared to 60% for LAAS. Just got their bottle foster program off the ground during the past 8 months. Last year their save rate for neonatals was not so good, about 15%, worse than LAAS. Things will get worse fast now. Said it was a warm winter and cats are flying in. The tale will be told by October.

Can you imagine their save rate per employee or dollar?

I asked her about their experience with Winograd.

She was extremely enthusiastic. She said his energy, knowledge and pushiness energized the shelter, the public and city gov. She said his style tended to invoke opposition in city government somewhat, but she helped walk the changes through the City hoops. She said his continued support has been wonderful.

When I get the final stats, I will post them. Give me a couple of days.

They have a current save rate for cats of 70%, and 61% for dogs. They don't screw cats in Philly.

Boks and Bickhart will always present reasons why LAAS is harder to improve and why he have to wait longer. But, 8 X the budget and employees?

Tara said the biggest component of change is the leadership of the CEO (Of course she is the CEO and might be biased.) She also said Boks has the big hurdle of civil service although Philly is unionized by the same union as LAAS.

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