According to CNN, the food recall now includes several Natural Balance products after reports that pets using them have developed symptoms of kidney failure. This recall expands the food element from wheat gluten to rice concentrate used in some of the New Balance foods. There is no info as to where the rice came from.

How many cases of organ failure have there been over the past 10 years before a manufacturer voluntarily recalled foods it knew caused kidney failure? What percentage of cats and dogs that have died over the decade due to bad pet food? Want to eat in a Chinese restaurant now?

The recall now affects everything from junk brands to the so-called elite brands. How universal is this problem? The FDA is still not sure that any of the substances identified caused the kidney failures; the mechanism of injury is still unknown.

Folks, I spent several months in South Korea. I will never go there again or eat any of their foods because of what I learned about their eating habits (dogs and cats). I have heard much worse--as have we all--about the Chinese attitude towards cats as hoer derv's, as well as manufacturing pet toys and garments out of cat skins.

I have boycotted every Chinese and Korean import since 1997 after I returned from Korea. I had been there studying and teaching Zen Buddhism at Chogyesa Temple in Soule. I renounced my teaching certificate as the First American International Teacher of Zen Buddhism to the Chogye administration as well as sent a letter of condemnation to the the Korean Consulate in Washington.
There is something desperately wrong with a world where baby seals, whales, cats and dogs as well as farm animals are eaten and skinned. Many Buddhists eat meat and in many countries even the monks eat meat, such as Sri Lanka.

Therefore, I don't think "spiritual evolution" ever will lead to ending animal killing for food and products. Well, maybe it could about the same time as LAAS goes No-Kill.

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Anonymous said...

I have been boycotting the Chinese since the very early 70's when I learned of how they use bears. I boycot the Japanese because of their version of zoos, putting solidary creatures such as bears together and watching them kill each other. Boycotting is effective but most people are too lazy and looking for a good price to take the time to do this. Good for you for taking it up.