Tale of the Tape: LA vs. Philadelphia

First Quarter, 2007 Philadelphia

Live Impounds: 5,119 (LAAS: 8,338)
Euthanasia: 1,754 (LAAS: 1,938)
Died in shelter: 22 (LAAS: 180)

Live save Cats: 70%
Live save Dogs: 61%
Live Dog and Cat: 66% (LAAS: Live save, 1st Quarter, 72%)

1st quarter stats are hard to judge by as they are the slowest months. We know Boks is doing it by crowding and it is not sustainable. Tara told me they were doing fine in terms of occupancy until this very day.

It is possible they will end the year with a live save rate of 56% or better. Boks is projecting a decrease in animals leaving LAAS alive from 54% to 51-52% under his reign.

How on earth can he call himself a No-Kill guru? He is taking small steps backward. The longer he is here, the more steps backward we are talking.

Please Mayor, help us!

In any event, given 1/8th the budget and less than 1/6th the employees of LAAS, and given they have been only working on No-Kill for 25 months, the job they did is almost magical.

1st Quarter Died in Shelter, Philly (22): 0.4%
(DIS LAAS (180) : 2.2%)

Eight times more animals died in LAAS of disease/fighting than in Philly, even though Philly did not even have even 2 X the number of animals.

Total budget: ….. $3,278,628 (Boks told Council, LAAS has $25,000,000)
City: $2,953,628
Other: $ 325,000

Total number of employees:

60 FTE (Boks told Council that LAAS had 400)
10 PT

Total volunteers: 250 Active (LAAS-Unknown; non-transparent)
Total foster homes: 179 (LAAS-Unknown; non-transparent)

The remarkable point is that Philly was 89% kill in 2004, while LAAS was 48% kill and they likely will pull ahead for calendar 2007--with 1/8th the budget!

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