UC Davis Shelter Medicine Webcast-East Valley Emergency

UC Davis has a webcast series on shelter medicine. The lectures are live at 8:00 Friday evening. They are available afterwards indefinitely. I heard # 2. Very interesting, but the sound breaks up. The first two are on vaccines used in shelters, when to use them, etc. There is a simultaneous visual presentation as well as a video of the instructor. You'll find it all very interesting.


Interesting to note, that there is a high correlation between budget and live save levels. LAAS' budget is about $500 per dog and cat impounded. San Francisco is about $400. The difference is the number of volunteers that make up for lack of budget in San Francisco. Typically, $500 per cat/dog is considered a low figure, and more like $1,000 per would be required to reach No-Kill. But the definition of No-Kill varies. The UC Davis series mentions one shelter that spends about $1,800 per animal and has about 96.5% save. To be comparable, LAAS would need $75,000,000.

Since it does not have the money, it needs to build a volunteer staff. This should be a crash priority.

ATTENTION East Valley Emergency

Well, it is Friday afternoon and East Valley currently has 95 cats, 192 dogs, and 46 rabbits. With the weekend approaching, I am sure the numbers will definitely rise. I do not have specific impound numbers, nor pictures, nor bios, because we have been so busy trying to get things together here for the move. However, I am reaching out for the help of you guys because I have nowhere else to turn. I NEED YOUR HELP. Please if you or anybody you know wants a new member for their family, please refer them to us. We have plenty to choose from. If any of you have room out there for any...... please come by and rescue from us. We would greatly appreciate your help in any way. I know some of you guys are networking, but I am letting you know that we are at extreme levels beyond our capacity. Please call 818/756-9324 for any info leading to a possible rescue or adoption of one of our furry friends here at East Valley.

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Just so you know UC Davis does not save. They are a killers. Brought animal in with broken leg. Killed it, they just like to look good on the outside. You should get your facts straigt, money doesn't mean anything unless the doctors want to waste their time, and since we know that they wont animals die.