Woe Is Us!

The number of animals in the shelter now is higher than we have encountered since we started counting, four months ago.

Dogs (848)
Cats (399)
Other (544)

This is a disaster and the main part of kitten sason has not hit yet. Before the new facility opened, we had 236 kennels; this would be 3.6 dogs per kennel. I've never been able to find out how many cat or other cages there are. I don't know how many new cages or kennels have come on line during the past six months.
Man, the shelters need us desperately!


Anonymous said...

So, while the number of animals in the shelter is going up, the number of vets was going down. More animals in the shelter yet the volunteer department is firing volunteers, the most hard working volunteers. More animals + less help = potential disaster. If the public sees stuffed kennels with few employees or volunteers running around, how will they be able to easily adopt the animals? And what about the spread of disease? Packing more into a kennel spreads disease. Puppies and kittens can easily get these diseases as they are not immune. We don't need a Las Vegas on our hands.

Anonymous said...

Of course, "anonymous" above is right about the overcrowding situation. I just want to remind folks that Vegas' problems were due to an improper vaccination protocol. The shelter management admitted that they were using the "wrong vaccines" and that they vaccinated on the way out, not at the onset when animals were impounded. However, they did have a lot of animals.

Another really good point made, is that when adopters are in the shelter and they can't find anyone to help them, they're likely to give up. When if they could connect with an animal they would be much more likely to fall in love with an animal and take one home.

As for the volunteers, I think all the volunteers should quit, go out on "strike." No scabs. They should organize and establish Bylaws and a Volunteers' Bill of Rights for fair treatment. Is there some objection to fair treatment? LAAS can sign their contract or no volunteers. Essentially, form a volunteers' union. LAAS is a union shop. Surely, they believe in unions. Then, everyone that can, should help. Run with it...