Boks is a politician, he tells everybody different stories. In an April 17, 2007 news release by LAAS, Boks told Council:

"I am here today representing the 400 employees of Animal Services and the hundreds of volunteers and partners we have throughout Los Angeles who carry the burden and brunt of pet overpopulation everyday – as we take in, care for and ultimately kill 50% of the animals in our charge. This act is both a fiscally responsible and humane solution to our City’s vexing pet overpopulation woes, and I ask for your support.”

Why on earth would he say 50% of animals turned in are killed? To Council no less? This is actually worse than the 41% kill it was then.

Why would he tell them he has 400 employees when 320 are budgeted? In the past he has told Council LAAS has a budget of $25,000,000, but the new annual report just published says $18,000,000.

Ed, sometimes people actually listen to what you say and make note.


Anonymous said...

Boks spews numbers to fit the situation. He said 50% to make things seem worse so they'd pass the new bill. Now if he's talking about his own success, he would say "LA is now nokill!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Why indeed? Maybe for the same reasons he told a group of over 300 animal advocates on Thursday February 9, 2006 that the number of animals rescued from LAAS by rescue partners in Jan06 compared to Jan05 was down 28% and claims it was a product of our collective dysfunction and the fighting among ourselves. But when he published his speech "A Time For Gathering Stones Together" on his blog site, that percentage was later changed from 28% to 24%. How do I know he changed it? Because I copied the orginal wording and used it in an argument that was posted to the CRN list (Message 32853) on Monday February 13, 2006 which Boks responded to on his blog "No Kill: By The Numbers" on Wednesday February 15, 2006. But what's really CURIOUS is that he changed the 28% I copied from his originally published speech to 24% when responding to my arguments.

Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA