Boks Legal Fund, STAR?

As Mike Bell and others have pointed out, STAR is a sham. Practically no money has been raised. When I asked one vet whether an injured cat could be treated under STAR, he asked me, "What is that?"

At a town meeting last June, neither Boks nor Linda Barth were able to recall even a dime spend on any animal from STAR.

But the LAAS' website has STAR donations smack in the middle of the home page. So, if you want to give to Boks' legal defense fund, please donate to STAR.

PS: Boks has been making the rounds at various social events and parties to bad mouth and denigrate a person who is suing him and the department---so I hear. His presence is noted by a photo of him at an event where he never would have been expected.


Anonymous said...

This seems strange.

As a matter of fact, some of the officers are really upset by how much money has been poured out on treating severely injured animals. They are upset at how much the shelter just kept holding onto the animals and just kept pouring money into them, they were so bad, and some so old.

Some feel the resources aren't being allocated properly and balanced for the greater good.

A good number of the staff started adopting the animals for themselves and paying the vet bills themselves, the animals were there so long.

Anonymous said...

They have been keeping the animals there a long time. The employees get attached to them the longer they stay there. It's more painful to have to ultimately euthanise them after watching them get sick. I agree that holding and treating animals with little chance at adoption is a waste of funds, space and inhumane. Why prolong the suffering?

There should be an effective protocol for choosing which animals to hold a little longer and which to euthanize. Some suggestions. Hold younger, healthier animals with no behavioral problems. Hold purebreds and prettier animals. If they don't get adopted in a month or so, they probably won't be adopted. Their behavior and health will just deteriorate. Euthanize after the holding period truly aggressive feral cats and vicious dogs. Euthanize older, unhealthy, unattractive animals, large dark mixed breed dogs, adult black and tabby cats.

I'm sure someone could go through the adoption records and see which animals are most and least likely to be adopted. Maybe they can do a rating system. +1 if the animal is very old, unhealthy, truly aggressive, severely injured, needing major medical treatment, large dark mixed breed dog, black or tabby adult cat, truly feral cat. -1 if the animal has a great personality, is trained, pretty, young, healthy... Then euth in descending order based on space.