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Mayeda is quite a piece isn't she?

Lots of photos too, some disturbing. I don't quite follow, but some of the photos may be from the LAAS shelters. Maybe. Boks is pictured and the kennels look different. However, these photos are followed by more County photos.

Hey you guys, how about showing some cat neglect photos. So far your site seems to be devoted just to dog neglect. There are a lot of us cat people out here too.


ro said...

Hi Edward,

Thanks for the mention. All the pictures on the blog are from LA County shelters.


Anonymous said...

The photos on the blog are from county but the ones in that other link have a pic of the LAAS logo and Boks. That is city.

Yes, we need pics of the cat cages. I've seen horrible things in the cat cages, cats dying of pneumonia, kittens covered in poo and soaking wet.

Anonymous said...

Mayeda actually makes even more of our tax money than Boks. Last I heard, Boks makes 165K a year. Mayeda makes 170K, but with all the perks and benefits her total package is 192K a year and change...of our money.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the rescues who complained about the dogs being improperly euth'd go out to get the dogs before any of this happened?

Could it be that the shelter didn't contact the rescues because they're always overloaded and they didn't want to keep "pushing" the dogs out onto the rescues and then be blamed for overloading them?

The dogs were alwyas available to the rescues and to the public.

If the dogs weren't claimed by either during their holding periods, then why blame the shelter entirely?

Shouldn't the rescues who are complaining about the dogs being euth'd for URI's and skin conditions take some responsiblity for the dogs if they had no place to go?

Why didn't they go out and get them in time?

Sure, the guys didn't follow "proper procedure" in their attempts to contact the full-breed rescues, but shouldn't the rescues who wanted the dogs take some responsibility for making their rounds and putting a hold on the dogs if they want them?

The resuces are always complaining they're fully beyond capacity, so they don't even take animals from private parties. Yet, they complain when they aren't contacted.

IF they truly want to take on more dogs than they can handle, then why didn't they get they put a hold on the dogs while they were available for adoption and put a hold on them with their rescue if they truly want more dogs to add to their load?

Just curious.

It seems now you guys want to go to the shelters and get as many pictures as you can find related to animal neglect because of Mr. Mason's animals were taken and he was improperly charged with animal neglect, as you say.

So, are you requesting pictures of neglected animals in their cages because you want to pay them back for what happened to Mason, eye for an eye?

How do we know these shelters are really LA county pictures?

Where is LA county going to get the money to finance better conditions for the shelters if this is the case?

They sure don't get enough donations.

Would be ideal if the shelter conditions were as improved as the City shelters are now.

But where are they going to get the money? These places are situated in crappy areas and people can't even afford to raise their own families at some of these places where the county shelters are located.

Would be sensational to get state of the art shelters going w/ tons of dedicated staff and volunteers and donations, but what about McCain and his Republicans?

Are they going to help make that happen if Senator Clinton or Obama lose the race?

A woman president and a civil rights activist leader following in the footsteps of Dr. King aren't going to get anywhere when they're up against the Republicans.

The county needs MONEY, and the county shelters, nor the county staff as a whole are paid as high as city employees where these poor defenseless animals are held, therefore, the quality and "care" is never going to be satisfactory. Never.

We need to pour money into those county shelters to get better, staff, better education, and better enforcement, in abundance. These places are inadequately staffed and their shelters are crap.

Naturally, the animals are going to look like crap.

I wouldn't want to be an animal caged in a crappy environment indefinately, would you?

Those places are truly jail cells.

What are you going to do with all the strays? As it is, there are tons of stray dogs roaming the streets in those crappy neighborhoods and their puppies turn wild.

We don't have the "dog catchers" going out to "rescue" the dogs from the streets, and the public in those areas are complaining about all the dogs running wild.

What are we to do about those?

When they do "make it to the shelter" everyone is already full at the rescues, and it's hell for everyone when they have to be turned away.

Even trying to make a last attempt to push them onto the rescues is shit because you always get a "no" or a damned sour answer from the other side about how the shelters are overloading the rescues, and you get a kick in the ass.

You're damned if you do and damned if you don't, and in the end, there are too many animals in overcrowded shelters and streets full of stray and wild dogs.

What you need is people to go door to door kicking everyone in the teeth for not spaying and neutering and licensing their animals with all the resources that are available to them in those areas where there are low income households w/ pets.

Animals have to suffer on the street and they suffer in jail at these overcrowded and dirty joints. People let their kids roam and they get killed out there too, so how do you deal w/ that?

These areas are a hell-hole, and do you think people like McCain and our actor/governor give a shit? No.

They're out buying their sweet little Hummers and can give a crap about the prices of pet food going up while the gas prices for delivery soar, and those who can barely afford to feed themselves their families and their pets are barely holding up in the meantime.

While the prices of pet food and animal maintenance are soar, the animals have to live in horrendous conditions as they await loving homes.

What fucking homes??!!

The county shelters are fucked up because the county streets are full of homelessness and shit for people and animals both!

Have you seen those homeless people tugging their dogs to their carts full of everything they own, and they're both filthy, thirsty, hungry, and full of fleas? Both the people and animals have URI's and Skin conditions. They're both freezing cold at night.

We need better conditions for everything and everyone that lives!

The question is:

How in the hell are we going to improve those living conditions for everyone concerned?

You have to begin by improving the lives of the people because it's the pets who are dependent on the people for their care.

When you get those improvements going, then you can better focus on improving the conditions of the shelters and the environment where the animals live as a whole.

Maybe the top administrators people are making big $$$. That we know as a fact.

That salary needs to be better distributed for the benefit of the little people and the little guys who depend on them, including the salaries of the senators and those living in the white house.

Those salaries need to be channeled to improve the lives of people and animals.

Can you imagine the quality of the shelters, staff, and kennel upkeep if those salaries were better distributed?

Can you imagine providing the people and animals with better jobs and quality medical care for the people living in those areas, as well as quality food and veterinary care made possible for the animals living under the care of those people?

Everyone deserves to live with a quality of life, and in the districts where these shelter pictures were taken that is just not likely to happen.

The animals will remain poor and poorly cared-for as long as the people living in those districts and the districts themselves are rotten and degenerated with poverty.

You take care of the people, you provide them w/ better schools, you educate the children, and you have better living conditions for people.

Better living conditions for people translates into better living conditions for animals, whether the animals spend their time in the privacy of somebody's home, or in a shelter as they await homes.

Anonymous said...


Two BRIEF points:

A rescue can't take more animals than it can humanely house (or it runs the VERY REAL risk of being busted by LAAS). Putting a PTS hold SHOULD ensure that a rescuer is notified if an animal is in danger of being put to sleep, which is to say, killed. Staying in the shelter also gives the animal a better chance of being adopted by a family that might visit the City shelter, thereby freeing the rescue to take another animal.

Which leads to the second point, one that is abundantly clear in this blog and via other sources: Half the time LAAS does not pay attention to holds placed by rescuers. It's LAAS' system and they don't use it properly. Their staff is often (though not always) badly trained, openly hostile to rescuers -- even to the point of physical attack, and uninterested in whether animals live or die.

Which I'm sure Ed Boks thinks is someone else's responsibility, not his.