A Money Making Suggestion for Animal Services

I think I have a new, untapped revenue source for Animal Services: responding to requests for public records.

Ross Pool sent me supposedly 270 pages of reviewed documents, about 1/2 of which I requested, for a lousy 10 cents each.

I can imagine that between Brad Jensen, half dozen other activists, and I, Ross could reasonably respond with four to five hundred pages a week.

If they raised their fees to $1/page, they'd be able subsidize one half-time position.

There are a lot of docs so it will take some time.

It appears that the animals they did not kill right away, and that was 2/3 of them, they tested and treated well. Blood was sent to Antech, the firm all vets use.

Blood tests included thyroid, viruses, complete chem panel. When I worked as a vet tech many years ago this set of tests cost the vet $37. I don't know how much Animal Services pays, but the money adds up.

I'll tell you more when I dig deeper.

South Bay was especially good with testing and treatment. West Valley was good, except that was where most of the animals were killed. Those that were killed had no testing, except for the first six kittens taken two days before the raid, and no photos. Why that is, I don't know.


Anonymous said...

The CPRA dictates the cost. The followingis written into the code:

"Copy costs are limited to "statutory fees" set by the Legislator (not by local ordinance) or the "direct cost of duplication", usually 10 to 25 cents a page. Charges for search, review or deletion not allowed."

Anonymous said...

ED!! Remind me to smack you up the side of the head real good if we ever meet in person.

Brad Jensen
(a low-cost PRA advocate)

Anonymous said...

On top of which, the six kittens who were tested turned out NOT to be sick -- after they'd already been killed, if I recall.

Not to mention the allegations that the Animal Cruelty Task Force ("Det." Linda Ortega, Troy Boswell - I'm looking at YOU!) had received the test results and knew the kittens weren't sick PRIOR TO the raid on the 11th.

Indicating that what matters is not just the expertise of the lab, but the intelligence and the morality of the people using the results.

Ed Muzika said...

I have not yet begun to analyze all the documents. However, on the impound data for the kittens taken on October 9, the note merely mentioned the possibility of incubating panleukemia along with other rhinotracheitis infections. There was no definite diagnosis of panleuk given by the vet (Rao) prior to the raid.

Ortega or someone else made that up (lied).

More interesting, Boks said the blood tests for the six kittens came back on October 12, one day after the raid, even though other sources said Dr. Rao made it clear to the Task Force that the cats tested negative for Panleukemia.

The medical records I receieved from Ross Pool stated the Antech blood results came back at 7:20 a.m. the morning of the raid. That is how Rao was able to tell the Task Force that the cats did not have Panleuk, but the Task Force went ahead and busted Mason anyway.

The medical records clearly indicate Boks lied yet again in an attempt to cover up Task Force eagerness to impound and destroy cats as well as bust Mason because they were all there anyway.

I do find it disturbing that there were not photos of the 37 cats/kittens killed.

More coming later.

Anonymous said...

Boks=DEATH said:

""Det." Linda Ortega, Troy Boswell - I'm looking at YOU!)."

Boswell doesn't read this site.

I don't know Linda Ortega, so I couldn't tell you whether YOU are looking at her or not.

Kelley said...

They tried charging me outrageous prices for freedom of information requests here in TX so I purchased my own personal copier and go in and review the records of each raid and copy them all. They can only charge for information to be redacted, which means I usually end up paying $10-$25 for 2,000 or so pages. I figure if they are constantly busy making thousands of copies for me, it gives them less time to kill animals.

Anonymous said...

#5, since you're so close to Boswell that you can knowledgeably inform us as to his reading habits (or abilities) why don't you just go ahead and let him know, in short, simple words, that he is no longer fooling any of the people any of the time.

He's a logic-impaired, diminished mental capacity loser and everyone with access to YouTube knows it.

Gosh, I'm glad ol' Troy doesn't read this blog. I'd sure hate to hurt his what-passes-for feelings...

As for "Detective" Linda Ortega, we already know she can't read test results, or the law that requires handwritten inventories of seized personal property, or Miranda rights, or the Constitution. Sad, really. Maybe she can get someone to read the upcoming lawsuit to her.

Kelley said...

You are going to scan these documents and put them online, right? Or would that hurt Mr Mason's case?

Anonymous said...

#7 said:

"Since you're so close to Boswell that you can knowledgeably inform us as to his reading habits (or abilities) why don't you just go ahead and let him know, in short, simple words, that he is no longer fooling any of the people any of the time, etc. etc."

I'm not your messenger or your dog.

If you had gone to college you would have learned the manners your mother did not teach you at home.

Stop whining already and take that snot off your nose. You're drooling like a Saint Bernard.

CSUN Cat People