Mason on Hockman

I know I have been critical of Cynthia Hockman, Ron Mason's vet before she went from Holiday Humane to LA Animal Services. But this was only my opinion as an outsider.

Despite all that has happened to him, Ron still likes her.

He we, "We had a good relationship. I think she is a really good vet. She did a LOT for me when she was taking care of my cats." Ron said it was only after he was busted did her attitude change.

I have got to say I only met her once. She told me (and Ron) she took the AS job because she could help a lot more animals. I believe this was her motivation and she will do very well by them.

Even though I have not begun to go through all the impound records I got from my Request for Documents, I can see the ones that were not killed immediately were tested and treated. Apparently Johnny was treated for a week or so and even had an IV line put in for hydration before he was euthanized. This was even before I began making a bog fuss.

So Cynthia, I apologize for making you out to be a demon.

Ron also told me that before he left, Holiday Humane always treated him well, and were not price gougers like Porter Pet Hospital which LAAS outsources spay/neuters.

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