Food-Flation: Good for Farm Animals

One of the very good things to happen as a result of grain prices going up, is the cost of meat has gone up faster.

Beef cuts go as high as $12/lb while some lamb cuts are higher.

Milk and eggs are both up.

I think mild has doubled in price during the last 18 months; ditto eggs.

PETA once suggested taxing meat as a way to price it out of public consumption budgets.

A pound of bread is 1/2 to 1/4 the cost of a pound of meat. Soy has not gone up that much in comparison, so that meat substitutes have hardly risen at all and soy milk is competitive to cows milk.

If you shop carefully at non-supermarket sources or the small chains, such as Vallarta, you can get vegetables 50% or more cheaper than the chains.

As long as grain prices remain high, grain-fed meats will go higher, as will milk and eggs.

Viva la foodflation!

Don't look at this unless you are stronger than I am:


Anonymous said...


In that way, people eat less meat, and so do the dogs and cats who are obligate carnivores.

If the dogs and cats are malnourished because their owners can't afford food prices, then they shouldn't own a dog or cat in the first place. Leave them alone on the street or in the shitty shelter where they'll eventually wither away and die naturally by starvation and malnurishment.

Same with those kids in those crappy neighborhoods. People should spay and neuter themselves and their kids if they can't afford to buy food or gas and they have no job or their jobs don't pay enough to support them.


You don't feed the people, there will be less people, less babies, and everyone who can't afford to live will die by natural attrition, just like feral cats.

Keep the price of meat and gas up, and the lower classes will wither away, and so will the county shelters and the dogs and cats who have to spend their time in them.

VIVA VALLARTA, and VIVA FOOD-FLATION: Good for the higher classes, and good for Farm Animals.

Put an end to the slaughter and to the poverty. No more destitution.

Just middle and upper classes living on Soy, and emaciated cats and dogs with skin conditions, no calcium, Amino Acids, or meat-protein to build their muscles, heart, tendons and bones, living on veggies.

VIVA FOOD-FLATION and RECESSIONS destroys the lower classes, their babies, and the animals living with them.

Get everyone spayed and neutered and living on Vallarta veggies and Soy, and you won't have that problem.

Ed Muzika said...

A dog is not an obligate carnivore. Yes, should this continue, owning a cat will become more expensive over time, ditto dog. But that has been the case for the last few years as vet rates and food have skyrocketed.

You think inflation will wipe out the lower classes? Have you ever heard of revolution, from the French, to the American to the Russian?

Then it is the upper classes who are wiped out.

If you are implying meat eating is necessary for the good health of humans, you know not of what you speak.

If the poor have health problems, they should vote Democratic and advocate socialism.

What is hard to take is not some much your inability to reason, but your attitude or insufferable know-it-allness.

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked my response.