Council Motion to Promote Dog Licensing


Initiated by Smith Mover 2007 / Wesson, Jr. (Smith & Wesson? That is a smiler.)

Motion - The City of Los Angeles has nine dog parks throughout the City. Off-Leash Dog Parks provide designated space for dogs and their owners to enjoy recreational activities and can provide a tool to promote responsible dog ownership. The social aspect of dog parks tends to enforce the basic rules of dog ownership such as cleaning up after one's dog and discouraging aggressive pet behavior.

Dog parks also provide a centralized location for providing information on behavior training and ownership responsibilities.The amount of space within the City that is designated for dog owners and their companions is very limited. The law requires that dogs be licensed. Only those who comply with the law should be permitted to use the City's dog parks.The City of Santa Monica recently adopted an ordinance which requires that all dogs utilizing a dog park be licensed by the City of Santa Monica. This requirement encourages dog owners to comply with the law and also rewards those responsible owners who license their dogs.

While the City of Santa Monica requires that dogs be licensed in the City of Santa Monica to utilize the dog parks, it is not the intent of the City of Los Angeles to prohibit properly licensed dogs from neighboring cities from utilizing City of Los Angeles dog parks. The law is meant to encourage dog owners to license their pets and reward responsible owners.

THEREFORE MOVE, that the City Council, request the City Attorney to prepare and present an Ordinance which would prohibit un-licensed dogs from utilizing City dog parks.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a very good idea. I live on the Westside and the number of dog owners who think the law doesn't apply to them is astonishing. Apparently they think once you overpay for your home leash laws and picking-up laws no longer apply to you. My walks with my dogs have become a nightmare because I have to watch them, plus keeping an eagle eye out for the many jerks who think the entire world is their personal property, whose dogs come flying down the block or across the street at my dogs, all while the owners tell me at the tops of their lungs why the law doesn't apply to them.

It would be very nice to see LAAS put in an honest day's work on the Westside for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hum, wonder if Whine-ograd would support this common sense law???

Payam Mark Shayani said...

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