Look Damn it, Please Help the Mason Cats Still in Jail, Will You?

Hey you guys, Ron Mason’s cats need your help.

They were snatched and removed from Ron’s loving home—and he did love them, poked, prodded and then ignored and now lived in small cramped cages in the isolated Evidence Room at West Valley, with no socialization or enrichment environment supplied. They are going crazy. Animal Services doesn’t care, they didn’t even check to see if they were spay/neutered.

These guys need your help. Many now are marked with signs they cannot be handled. This is a lie so they can kill them. Simba and Foxy, so marked, become docile and friendly once in a home environment such as Ron provided.

They all have their shots and all were given physical exams and had blood tests within a few days of impounding.

Almost all were spay/neutered although it appears Animal Services doesn’t have a clue which is which. They didn’t even know the sex of a male cat that was adopted until the adopter lifted his (the cat’s) tail. I have a big story about their incompetence re Mason’s cats coming very soon, so stay tuned.

The adoption fee is $17 each, $55 if not. I will spring for $27 for each whether spay/neutered or not. We can arrange for immediate re-adoption with a rescue who has agreed—within three days or so.

Help them. Best Friends from Utah has volunteered to help in any way they can.

There are offers for help from around the country but the problem is the actual adoption and relocation.

Come on, email me at: edwardmuzika@sbcglobal.net.

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I'm doing my best from here.