NYC Shelter Ad Campaign


Bernadette Peters is an animal rights activist who has adopted two rescue dogs, one from AC&C. She will help unveil the ads before they roll out across Manhattan later in the day, appearing on 60 vertical phone kiosks, 90 bus tails, and 55 bus shelters. The fully integrated campaign has also been incorporated onto the Web and an online community has been established. In addition, there will be emails, postcards, T-shirts and street teams.

The new campaign was conceived and designed by Unit 7, a Manhattan-based relationship marketing firm that specializes in “behavior change.” “We are thrilled to be able to apply our expertise in driving consumer behavior to such an important and emotional cause,” said Joe Cupani, Vice Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at Unit 7. “Our campaign is designed to appeal to both the head and the heart. Indeed, if successful, the animals appearing in our mug shots should be ‘most wanted.’” The dramatic black and white images for the campaign were shot by commercial/art photographer

Howard Berman who donated his services. A former freelance journalist, Berman has worked with many major clients and has won many prestigious awards, including the Grand Prix at Cannes.
“I must confess – this was some of the best talent I’ve ever worked with,” said Berman, commenting on the animals who “posed” for the campaign. “I’ve always enjoyed documenting our furry and feathered friends in my work, and to know that these photographs will help Animal Care and Control help these animals in need is a very special feeling.

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Anonymous said...

such a great idea!!!!!

I guarantee all of those models will be adopted.

All it takes is taking a good picture, and getting that picture and the animal's story in front of enough people, and there's no way that animal won't get adopted. The right person will see that animal, and it will be fate.

That's what pissed me off so bad about the poor dog that was killed right after having their picture published in the paper with a story defending Mayeda. Not only could that stray dog's family have seen him/her, but someone who wanted to adopt that dog could have seen the picture, only to go down to the shelter and be heartbroken that the dog was killed. What idiots! These people running the shelters have NO IDEA what it takes to increase adoptions! A golden opportunity for that dog wasn't even taken advantage of.

so uncaring and so sad...