Does West Valley ACO Dancy Protect Pierce College from LA's Animal Cruelty Task Force?

More and more information is coming to me anonymously and from the Internet about Pierce and its connection with LA Animal Services, including an ACO at West Valley, Stacy Dancy.

ALL the information below is unconfirmed, an allegation only until proven.

Apparently instances of farm animal neglect were reported to Animal Services in 2005.

The animals in question were immediately reported to Pierce College by Stacy Dancy, a West Valley Shelter ACO.

These allegedly neglected or abused animals were then sent to slaughter the morning before the LA Animal Cruelty Task Force was to arrive and inspect the campus animals, thereby destroying the evidence of abuse. The Task Force later made a pro forma appearance nine days later.

I am quite sure the ACTF knows about the alleged relationship between Pierce and Dancy, if the relationship does exist. If so, why isn't something being done?

Allegedly, Dancy has an agreement with Dr. Richard South, Director of the entire Pierce Agriculture program, to board her cows on campus.

In turn, she protects the school from any and all charges of abuse and surprise visits from the Animal Cruelty Task Force.

Jeez, no wonder they went after Mason, because they could find him with a surprise visit, while Dancy allegedly gives Pierce a chance to kill the animals before the Task Force arrives.

Dancy allegedly is the only student allowed to conduct a private agricultural enterprise using the LAPC campus. She also serves on the IACUC, which is the institutional animal care and use committee and must abide by the Animal Welfare Act, which Carolina didn't in the mid 1990s.

Hey, anyone, I want to know more. Please send comments.

Some photos of the Pierce farm animals are here:

I do not know whether the photos are of the ones reported to Animal Services as abused. The upload date is April 23, 2006 and they could have been taken anytime.

So, Darcy boards her cows on campus and protects Pierce's animal programs from investigation.

I hope Ed Boks and the Animal Cruelty Task Force question Stacy and also the alleged co-conspirator, Dr. Richard South. email: <>

Does anyone out there know anything more about the alleged unique business relationship Stacy Dancy has with Drs. South or Shapiro? Who at LAAS knows about this alleged "special" relationship and how many cows Dancy is raising on the Pierce Campus?


Anonymous said...

From the North Central Shelter:

Officer Troy Boswell, Captain Wendell Bowers

LA Animal Cruelty Task Force: Officer A. Navarette.

From the West Valley Shelter: Officers Engels, Frias, Botta and Pothoff, Lieutenant Selder.

They all knew and were part of the investigation.

Anonymous said...

Dick South is no doctor.

Anonymous said...

Dancy filed a false report stating a veterinarian was on site when a downed ram was reported to the West Valley Shelter. The report states that the ram was treated by the DVM at the time of the report. The school veterinarian was out of state at the time. Multiple requests for the report have been refused by the West Valley Shelter.

Ed Muzika said...

Can you give me the date of the report and background including the parties involved?

With that I do a very public request for records on this blog.

The relationships between Pierce and LAAS get more and more interesting.

Anonymous said...

It goes way beyond cadaver cats, my friend. WAY beyond!

Anonymous said...

Stacy Dancy DOES NOT work at West Valley! So the title of your post is way inaccurate. Makes me question the rest of this "blog".

Ed Muzika said...

Did you read this post? The third paragraph is one sentence long. The incident took place in 2005, not 2008. This is threee years difference.

I would also mention that Pierce and LAAS have a another "special" relationship that neither want damaged, and that is the agreement that Pierce will host rescued large animals during a disaster.

LAAS doesn't want to lose that asset, and Pierce wants to continue to have heads up about furure complaints and inspections.

I wonder if Ed will look into this or turn his eyes away as everyone else at LAAS appears to have been doing.

One other thing. Why isn't Pierce protecting its livestock from Coyotes?

Does this crap never end?

Anonymous said...

>>>Stacy Dancy DOES NOT work at West Valley! So the title of your post is way inaccurate. Makes me question the rest of this "blog".<<<

You keep questioning, Honey. You go and question your little heart out. If all you can come up with was that an LAAS employee transferred shelters, then Heaven help you. Interesting how you have nothing to say about the rest of the charges. You really thought that you could discredit this blog with that? Here come the puppets!

Anonymous said...

Ed, why isn't Pierce protecting it's livestock from coyotes? You gotta be kidding me! It's because of your ilk and the likes of Michael Bell. Animal Services used to regularly control coyotes in the city. The "bambi syndrome" crowd raised a fuss. We stopped. Since then hundreds of cats and dogs have been dinner for Mr. Wile E. Look in the mirror dude!

Ed Muzika said...

Their are other ways of protecting livestock than killing coyotes, such as barns, high fences, etc.

It is against the law to poison or trap coyotes so far as I know.

Idiot owners who let their cats out are asking to lose them. They should protect the cats.

The solution to any problem by killing certainly is not a solution is it?

In Santa Monica they kill ground squirrels to prevent plague even though there has been one case of plague in LA County in 75 years and that was from an infected rabbit brought in from Mexico.

Why do you think kiling coyotees is the only solution?

Anonymous said...

It's just like a terrorist Ed. You gotta whack em'. You build a high fence they dig under it, and build a barn? How do you keep 300 head of sheep in a barn? Last time I checked grazing happens outside. Take your blinders off. Smell the coffee. This isn't fairytale land. If it is then Obama would be the next president. Thank God that won't happen.

Ed Muzika said...

Just like an idiot anonymous.

Build a high fence and roots down a couple of feet. Electrified fences?

Guard dogs?

Since when does Pierce have 300 head? It looks empty to me.

Put a GD shepherd in there with .50 caliber machine guns. What kind of business person would leave hundreds of thousands dollars worth of goods out in plain view to be stolen or vandalized? Why not kill all potential criminals instead of building alarm systems and security doors?

We are not in the middle of Monatana with 10,000 acres and 10,000 head of cattle.

Blame others for your failure to protect your animals. Just do nothing and bitch that everyone else is the problem.

You want the quick, violent, inexpensive and dirty solution of killing, fraut with danger to other animals, rather than thinking, planning and spending some money to protect your investment.

What kind of idiot remark is that about smelling the coffee? You can not and will not think and plan and you call that smelling the coffee.

Hey, maybe we can not only get Obama as President but maybe Jesse Jackson as Mayor and Jerry Vlasak as Chancellor of the community college system or at least president of Pierce.

Waht do you mean "terrorist"? You like labels beter than thinking? Anybody that disagrees with you is a terrorist?

If you want "terrorists" go to Sri Lanka. Does ALF make you shiver in your boots or do you consider them harmless wackos? If the latter, how can you call them terrorists? You have the brain cells of an inchworm.

Anonymous said...

Ed Muzika said:

"You have the brain cells of an inchworm."

LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Gosh that's funny, so funny, so very, Funny!

I think next time I work at an elementary school, I'll use it and pass it around.

It'll make the kids practically pee in their pants; they're going to laugh so hard! We'll never hear the end of it as it goes around the world the next 80 days:

"You have the brain cells of an inchworm." Hilarious. It's a keeper!