Pierce Coverup; Animal Neglect Now Underground

Rather than righting things at Pierce, after the alleged cover up of the Dancy cow business at Pierce, and the mouse and other lab killings at Pierce, faculty changed their policies.

New policies:

1. No cameras or tape recorders can be brought into any classes with animals--none!!

2. No students are allowed unaccompanied to see the farm animals, unless they are paid employees taking care of the animals.

3. If a student wants to see an animal, he can only do so if accompanied by a department faculty or staffer. However, in no case will cameras be allowed.

4. The sheep facility is closed to the public and cows are usually huddled in the middle of a pasture at least 100 yards from any access.

I wonder how one can get to see the animals and if they are being taken care of? Maybe I should ask Dick South if I can visit. Click image below to enlarge.

Notice how the Sheriff's campus detail is set to deal with students with cameras or even the public now. Security?


Dick South says anyone can contact him about the reasons for going underground. Why don't you contact him and Dean Rupert.

southrw@piercecollege.edu, rupertdw@piercecollege.edu

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Anonymous said...

Dick South just isn't that into you.