Who is Dr. Shapiro?

Let me tell you a bit about the beloved Dr. Cows of Pierce.

I understand he uses his classes as his personal platform for a campaign against anyone who does not support the production and consumption of animals and animal products.

I also hear that he openly compares vegans and vegetarians to Adolf Hitler. He claims that the reason there are so many starving people in India is because they don't eat cows.

He represents himself as a veterinary professional. I hear he is not nor has he ever been a doctor of veterinary medicine or a registered veterinary technician.

This is something I need to check up on. How can a non-vet or non-vet-tech be the director of the Pre-Vet program at Pierce? Inquiring minds want to know.

He conducts his lectures to eager young minds as if he is an authority in the field and WILL NOT correct anyone who refers to him as such.

He has an entire Pre-Veterinary student body believing that their hopes and dreams to become DVM's depend upon his almighty recommendation to veterinary school and that they have no choice but to agree with his position or never get accepted.

I heard his campaign includes convincing his students that anyone who disagrees with him or his position is "trying to shut down the program."

I have been warned that a lot of kids who do not know any better will be sent marching my way like little puppets chanting his mantra and that they were not an enlightened bunch.

Sounds ominous.

In any event, by doing google searches and finding other sources such as the Pierce Farm Watch, I am finding that cats are just the tip of the iceberg at Pierce College.

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