Nathan is Wrong

In a post below, I linked to Winograd's blogpost where he claimed LAAS ACO were seizing or forcing owners to relinquish dogs.

I thought that not credible, that is, Ed would issue an enforcement of an order that would increase impounds. Since Ed goes out his way not to increase impounds, I know he would not enforce this one.

Yet, Nathan made the claim. I sent Boks a request for a rebuttal.

In my understanding the law had not gone into effect yet as the grace period ends on October 1 of this year. I can only think Winograd has relied on very poor information from activists in our own animals community, OR, the shelters themselves have been enforcing the ordinance even when it is not in effect and contrary to Boks orders not to impound.

In any event, Nathan should have been more cautious in his accusations.


Anonymous said...

A little off the subject but I feel you need to know this info. Petco is no longer supplying food to the rescues except those that adopt out of their stores. The FDA found vermin infestation at their warehouse and this was the result. What this means is a lot of rescues no longer have free food. This means the rescues will have to limit their numbers because they will now have to buy food. This will mean fewer animals leaving the shelters with rescues. And, of course, that will mean more euthanasia. Feral cat caregivers will not have free food and animals may starve. This will have a big effect on the rescues and fewer animals will leave the shelters as a result. I do have the FDA memo to Petco regarding this. I don't believe Petco has notified the rescues yet officially. But some have been told no more food when they have called to schedule a pickup.

Anonymous said...

Standard procedure for Winograd. He counts on people NOT researching his accusations. This isn't the first time he has distorted the truth and it won't be the last. Although I don't like "Big Brother", I support mandatory spay/neuter until such a time that people see the errors of their ways.

Anonymous said...

No Kidding?!

Resuces and even Feral Cat Caretakers were getting FREE FOOD?

How in the hell did this happen?

My husband and I have spent thousands upon thousands of $$$$ since this TNR thing started w/ the Maddie's Fund and I have received a donation of food ONCE and have been buying the rest out-of-pocket.

The first donation had so much fungus in it that I didn't even care that I had never had a donation offered to me after that.

How in the hell do feral cat rescuers get food donations from pet stores like Petco if these are individual people doing the work on their own and not private organizations who get tax free food?

So this means that they probably also get free litter and vet services at a minimum charge, right?

This isn't fair in the least.

Cat caretakers out there paying out the ass trying to keep up w/ this TNR crap because "TNR is the only humane and non-lethal way of taking care of overpopulation" while certain groups and individuals are getting everything free, tax-deductible, and saving tons of thousands of dollars not having to pay for this shit out-of-pocket, while others are losing their homes trying to keep up w/ the friggin cat care because they believed in the lie that TNR saves tax payers money.

It makes you go $*#^&! Broke!---Unless you're one of the bunch who's getting everything FREE!

How in the hell is this possible?

And now that these feral cat caretakers aren't getting their FREE Food for their colonies are going to now DUMP and ABANDON them? That is insane!

So these people aren't caretakers at all...they only did it because it was free while it lasted.

That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. Makes my stomach turn and make me throw up.

All along there are people like me out there plummeting financially since I got into this TNR thing trying to take care of my colonies, while there are "caretakers" out there getting everything for free and now those cats are going to die because their caretaking is no longer free.

That is so sick, heinous, and crimminal; forget the fact that it's inhumane.

Ed Muzika said...

Don't get so excited. The free stuff and discounts rescue organizations get is rather minimal.

Free food might be for 10% of their needs or so. Vets may give 10-15% off. Sometimes big donors set up funds for rescued vet care--ask about it and say you do rescue work.

Rescuers work with Maddies and other organizations to do free or low cost spay/neuter. The times and places of the free spay/neuter events is published everywhere.

LAAS gives out $60 S/N certificates and some vets take this as full fee.

Often, just go to places and ask. Say you do rescue work. Know other rescuers, they point you to deals on medications, food, good vets, etc.

The amount of "free" and discount mercandize and services is only a small part of any rescuer's budget.

The previous commenter should have said had to pay more for food, not that they don't have to pay anything.

Anonymous said...

"Don't get so excited. The free stuff and discounts rescue organizations get is rather minimal."


Thank you for your advice and for bringing down my blood pressure again.

"The previous commenter should have said had to pay more for food, not that they don't have to pay anything."

Yup. Phew!

Have a good night.