Want a Baby Goat or Lamb for Dinner? Get one at Pierce for $75

I am appalled that it is so easy to purchase a baby goat or a 10 month old lamb for consumption for a lousy $70 if you buy two. You can slaughter them yourself if kept out of sight, or take them somewhere do be slaughtered in a USDA "approved" way.

Below is a list of prices for baby and adult animals, sheep and goats only.

The cost of life is so cheap.

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Anonymous said...

Get over it Ed. It's food.

Anonymous said...

Bastards. When do we start slaughtering the butchers???????

"It's food?????"

When is it HUMANE to SLAUGHTER anyone????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It makes me very happy to know that those with the above attitude will eat this so-called food using that excuse because you know those words will play themselves in their heads over and over again as they try to make excuses for the latest contaminated meat recall.

All together now, "It's food!"

To those families of children killed by an outbreak: "It's food!"

Wow, I feel so Shapiro right now! Gotta go take a shower...

Anonymous said...

Yes. IT'S FOOD !!!!!! Humaneiacs! Get over it. Now time to eat a nice juicy steak. And maybe some veal tomorrow night.....