Charlottesville SPCA Falls Off No-Kill Standard

A few months ago I asked Susan Kogut, Director of the Charlottesville SPCA, who was appointed Shelter Director of the year by Nathan Winogard, what her current statistics were. Her only response was to a Maddies Inventory sheet for 1996. She refused further discussion--pointedly. I states so on this blog and for a few weeks was getting several hits a day from the Charlottesville area.

The 2007 statistics are now up. Charlottsvile SPCA has now fallen short of the 10% kill definition. They now kill about 15.5% compared to less than 10% the year before.

There is no explanation as to the reasons for the increase and Kogut certainly has not responded.

However, a kill rate of 15.5% is still 300% better than LAAS and maybe 450% better than Mayeda's County.

Bickhart would say that Charlottsville is a boutique shelter and dismiss its success, but the real measure of success is not just the save rate but the comparative resources of each shelter system.

Their budget is minuscule compared to LAAS or County.

The Charlottsville SPCA has a wonderful, positive blog. Maybe LAAS could have something similar:

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