Photos of the Pierce Farm Animals

To access the full sized photos of the Pierce farm injured and diseased animals, go to the site. On the left side near the top is a button called "blog." Go to the blog. ( On the right side there is a button called "flickr." Clicking on this brings up 350 full sized photos of the sick and injured animals.

Below that is the YouTube button which has five videos of injured Pierce animals.


Anonymous said...

My question is do you know if these animals were in treatment and had not recovered when the pictures were taken? Do you know if they were brought there from another place to be helped by Pierce and these are the "before" pictures? Are you privy to this information which might explain why this is or is this an assumption? It is not unusual in the humane community for "doctored" pictures to be presented. "Doctored" can mean also the "before" pictures. It is really hard to believe that such a well known college would allow this to begin with much less let it be in the public's vision so easily that pictures could be taken. Too many times someone jumps the gun, making accusations of cruelty, only to find out just the opposite is true and the animal received this cruelty elsewhere. These animals could have been brought to Pierce to receive treatment. What proof do you have that these injured and diseased animals orginated at Pierce and that Pierce orginated the injuries or sickness? The more one has, the more one has to lose. Therefore those with more are more careful to not do anything to lose what they have. Those who have little to nothing are the ones who will take this sort of risk. Just doesn't make a lot of sense. Might if they were operating behind closed and locked doors but 350 photos would belie that conclusion. Pierce or any college for that manner is not going to put their reputation at risk easily. Just doesn't add up the way it has been presented.

Ed Muzika said...

Fear the post just before this one. I posted the letter from Richard South, head of the agriculyure program to Dean Rupert saying there would be a moritoriun on "student animal projects" because of complaints the animals were not being taken care of.

Then there was the selling to slaughter of the animals that were the object of the complaints of neglect, the day before a planned "inspection" by the ACTF.

I have heard ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE FROM PIERCE, DANCY, ACTF, LAAS, SOUTH, or anyone denying these allegations. They are not denying the allegations. Why are they not denyig the allegations?

Anonymous said...

Clarification is needed then to the remark that they weren't being taken care of. Does that mean the students weren't feeding or watering or they were actually committing cruelty? I don't see that as proof of what the pictures are telling. I need more accurate info before voicing my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The photos are of neglected, untreated animals. Their conditions went untreated and deteriorated to a point where even a layperson could tell something was very wrong from just a photograph. What you are seeing is denial of treatment. Do you honestly think that an animal in treatment would be allowed to walk around with pus dripping from it's rotted eye attracting flies for six months? Do you think that an animal in treatment would carry around an uncleaned, ruptured abscess? Do you think that this went on for just the precise moment that someone was there to snap a picture? I'm really concerned with what your idea of treatment is if you find these photos in any way acceptable and I sincerely hope that you are not responsible for the health and welfare of any other living being. But hey, Pierce College and others like them depend on ignorance like that. You should take a Shapiro class. He would love you.