Tim Rutton Responds to My Post

I was surprised to get this email from Mr. Hutton regarding my reponse to his opinion that Animal Activism is somehow stupid or even evil.

"Dear Mr. Muzika:
If finding a cure for cancer entailed the painful death of every white rat on earth, I would approve.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that certainly proves he has no idea what he's talking about, doesn't it?

How much do you suppose the L.A. Times pays him to NOT know what kind of animal experiments he's writing about?

Or maybe NOT to be able to tell the difference between a monkey and a rat.

Or maybe to have the logical and debate skills of a floor mop.

IDA just sent out an email to a link about this "scientist" at UCSF and what he does to monkeys: http://www.vivisectioninfo.org/lisberger.html

THIS is what the UC system approves of. And suppose Edythe London and her cohorts at UCLA are only 90% as bad -- or even 50% as bad. That still puts them firmly in the "getting paid to be as sadistic as Jeffrey Dahmer" category.

I don't believe in arson. But I do believe in stopping unneeded animal experimentation NOW.

And I certainly hope Mr. Rutten is the next one pitched overboard at the Times. He won't even make a splash.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I know of a few individuals that do animal research. They ADMIT that the tests are redundant, that the results of these redundant tests are already known. It's all about continuing grants and funding. It's all about pay and rarely has anything to do with finding a cure.

Of those people I know, in their defense, they want out of research. They see that it is wrong. They thought what they were doing was for the good of mankind. What they discovered was it was all a scam and they were imposing "unnecessary" suffering and death. Two found non-animal research positions. The third is still looking.

I asked if they were willing to come forward with this info. They are not. They don't want to risk not being hired elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

What a crazy guy. I can't believe he said that. He obviously doesn't know how animals are used in research. If he wants a cure for cancer, he should offer up his own body to do research on. In fact, he should offer up his wife, parents, kids, siblings. Let them be given cancer so they can suffer like rats. Animal research isn't even effective. It's generally a waste of money and lives.

Anonymous said...

Rutten's brain is so void of compassion for all life. I think medical research should be done on his brain to find a cure for his defects.

They could conduct electrical impulse studies implanting that box in his skull and brain while alive.

I'm sure he would agree, anything to find a cure.

Anonymous said...

And at the end of the day, Rutton will be remembered not.