From Madeline Bernstein re Obama's Broken Promise

SpcaLA is dismayed by the decision of the White House to obtain a purebred dog.  They cite “the hypo allergenic” quality of the Portuguese Water Dog to break their promise of adopting a shelter dog i.e. “a mutt like me” (President Obama). 


There is no such thing as a hypo allergenic dog.  There are numerous dogs, poodles, terriers etc. that are as less aggravating to allergies as the Water Dog.  There are millions of such dogs in shelters throughout the country!  There was no need to go to a purebred.

Choosing a shelter dog would have saved lives.  Americans tend to follow the examples of their leaders whether in fashion, music or planting a vegetable garden.  Adopting a shelter dog would have inspired millions of people to do the same which would have provided homes and saved the lives of dogs already in existence rather than encouraging breeders to make more.

This choice will also mark the end of the Portuguese Water Dog for generations to come as unscrupulous breeders and profiteers will indiscriminately breed the dog for a quick, tax free dollar.  One need only to look at Collies, Dalmatians, Sheep Dogs showcased in movies and television shows to see the effects of this “copy cat syndrome.”  Hoards of genetically deranged and sick puppies flooded the market until the breeds were stigmatized.

Humans are not shocked and can speak out when a politician breaks a promise.  Shelter animals across the country will continue to wait for hope and weep in silence.

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Madeline Bernstein
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Anonymous said...

I am getting tired of these people who mean well but are continuing the sterio type of "purebred" dogs not being found in shelters. 25% of all shelter dogs are PUREBRED. If more people seeking purebreds were educated about this (and this is a wonderful opportunity to do that as Ms. Bernstein missed.) more animals would get adopted.

Anonymous said...


The dog was a gift from a dying Kennedy to Obama. Stop being so melodramatic. Those who have a social consciousness will adopt a shelter pet just the same.

Anonymous said...

Poster two, yes, socially conscious people will adopt from the shelter. But just think if regular people were to adopt from the shelter. We could save millions of lives and dollars.

Unknown said...

Poster two. If it is just the socially consciouse that adopt, let's educate those that aren't, the residual effect his disecion will have. Puppy mills will be churning out this "now popular" breed in mass numbers. Tell that to all the shelter dogs that are sitting on death row, and there only crime is that they were born! There are "breed specific" rescue groups that he could have rescued a purebred from. Watch "puppy mill" videos on youtube and see if you don't become "melodramatic". If you don't feel compassion you don't have a pulse! He broke his promise and could have set an example that would have changed (exposed) the sad state of homeless dogs!

Boks = Death said...

Pardon me if I'm able to contain my shock that Madeline Bernstein seizes this golden opportunity -- to make a buck.

Honest to God, the woman makes more than both Boks and Mayeda, as of 2005 she was making over $194,000! At an SPCA! It's genuinely shocking that she hasn't been dumped for grabbing such an unconscionable salary, and instead of making this an opportunity to educate the public, all she can think to do is make a grab for more cash.

She is disgusting. The number of dogs, cats and other animals who could be saved with even HALF her salary makes my head swim.

As far as the Kennedys go (and I say this as a 100% Democrat) their sense of entitlement, to run things and to have everything the way they want it, is completely out of hand. The argument that Teddy Kennedy is dying could even more sensibly have been made as a reason for him to show compassion and keep another living creature from dying -- but no, one simply couldn't BEAR to see a low price tag-dog in (their) White House.

I'm sick of the Kennedys. You'd think we would have clued in when Caroline Kennedy stepped up to offer herself the Senator's seat from New York, but somehow we still buy the myth that they are in some way representatives of the people. But the people don't have a dog breeder on retainer.

And people who care about justice and dogs don't buy (and make no mistake about it, PROMOTE buying) when thousands of dogs are killed EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Teddy Kennedy better hope God isn't a dog.

Aaron Cross said...

Obama is a failure. Never again will such a huge opportunity, be squandered so devastatingly. This is a clear indicator as to Obama's integrity. Sorry thousands of dogs, you will now be sentenced to life and death within the animal jail system.

Its really that straightforward. What a terrible shame.

Anonymous said...

Poster number 2-Isn't Obama suppose to have a "social consciousness?"

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your comments about the Kennedy family. I agree.

henry said...

The White House is putting on the spin sent to its animal advocate backer groups that since the dog was originally returned to the breeder, it is "sort of a rescue dog." This is what those Obama animal advocate groups are sending me. One other said he has so much on his plate he doesn't have time to "train" a shelter or rescue dog.

I guess a $2,000 dog returned to a breeder who might only get $1,900 the second time around can be considered the same thing as a rescue dog, right?

Now, today Obama says the CIA agents who tortured prisoners will not be tried. He says we need "reflection, not retribution."

Hmmm, I didn't know enforcing laws against torture would be considered retribution.

Anonymous said...

The entire litter born last October was named with Obama in mind. Check out the registered names of the entire litter. Then the puppy was "returned" and sent to a trainer for a month. Kenneled and "trained" by a professional, so that would have been the plan no matter the dog. It appears that Obama NEVER had any intention of adopting a rescue dog if you look at the facts and the evidence. I didn't vote for him and I'll hold my head high saying that.

Ed Muzika said...

Can you supply the info about the registered names and the litter? I have no idea of how to get that. I will post all info about that, the breeder, etc.

I am very disappointed in the Obamas. It did appear suspicious when Barack announced they had settled on a PWD, which also happens to be the dogs Ted Kennedy loves.

One newspaper editor hinted this to me in November, that the dog had already been chosen, this would be one month after Bo was born.