New Complaint/Compliment Process at LAAS

LAAS is taking proactive steps to end years of animal community and public camplaints about employees. LAAS was often perceived as a monolith with information going in and disappearing somewhere, but with no response ever coming back, especially when it came to allegations of employee malfeasance, rudeness, cruelty or sloth. Of course, the same was true of exemplary employees; we never heard about them either. The cloak of silence deepened under ADL attacks and the bad employees were able to get away with even more.

The Department has implemented an online complaint/compliment/comment form where you can do just that with the promise there will be a response. That may make some staffers--the bad ones--very wary of being the jerks they have been, and will finally allow the good employees to be recognized.

Imagine, we no longer have to wait for ADL's latest email to find out who did what to whom, who is sleeping with whom, etc., we can just go and complain ourselves if we so feel, or praise a volunteer, AND, get feedback.

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