Boks Revokes His Numerous Policy Change Clarifications

Remember when Boks told the Daily News writer Brandon Lowery he never intended to enforce a rule that would have sharply limited the hours for people to turn in unwanted pets at city shelters? He turned out three "clarifications" that essentially reversed the restricted hours for accepting animals.

Lowery writes:

Just a week after declaring a hard-line policy that would have limited the hours, Boks said he only had intended to educate the public."It has been issued as a restriction," Boks said. "But internally, it has always been our intention to never refuse an animal. Just educate."

”Boks had said the plan to cut the department's 24-hour, seven-day policy of accepting pets - to just 14 hours over four weekdays - was designed to avoid killing more animals to make room in shelters during a busy time of year.

"We wanted to be crystal clear," Boks said. "We will never turn an animal away. We don't want to put any animal in harm's way."

Well, surprise, surprise, Ed is lying again. I guess he has "clarified" once more, and reversed his reversal. Look at the sign posted on the door of the North Central Shelter:

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