The Eric Jones, DVM Boondoggle

No one has explained to me how the $1.6 million dollar, five year contract to Eric Jones, DVM to start a spay/neuter clinic on City property is of any benefit to the city.

I may be wrong, but from what I've read in the past of the proposal, the City supplies free office space, and probably utilities as I don't think that have separate utility metering for his clinic, and also pays him $1.8 million to do spay/neuter; yet, LAAS receives only a 15% discount over the prevailing spay/neuter fee for LAAS animals. Did I miss something?

Then, when the clinic is free and clear of debt, it begins paying 50% of the net proceeds to the City for rent.

Jones does provide all the clinic's equipment, but notning else except his overpriced labor.

Jones is free to provide as many private practice spay/neuters as he wants.

Can I buy shares into this boondoggle?

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