Comment on Jones Sweetheart Deal With LAAS

No one seems to care about Jones sweetheart deal with LAAS. Almost no comments. Finally I got one from a former animal shelter director:


I cannot believe this! The City could hire vets to perform the work for less. This is really wierd and unusual. Did LAAS check with SCVMA for referals and references?

The moving from Pacima to an LAAS's shelter with equipment is beyond belief. The cost of running a clinic is unbelieveable.

Think of it. The City is paying Jones $320,000 a year for no free say neuters and to support Jone's private practice, for which the City gets 10% of the net income. Of course net may be closer to gross than in most practices, as Jones is not paying rent or utilities.

Certainly Ed could buy two qualified vets who would jump at the chance to make $120,000 a year and two cheap techs. AND, the spay/neuters would be FREE.

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Anonymous said...

The City can't even hire vets for the shelters. How could they possibly recruit spayneuter vets? I believe they had hired a vet for the clinic a while back but he quit. Remember, they were going to open the SLA spayneuter clinic two years ago I think, but it never panned out.

Let's look at the math again. $320,000 for a vet and probably vet tech, receptionist to run the clinic. Vet $100,000, vet tech $48,000, receptionist $30,000. That's $180,000 just for salaries. You still have to pay for supplies, phone, insurance... They could easily be at $250,000 for the Dept to run the clinic on their own. And what if the vet quits? The clinic shuts down.

While I do think the vet is getting a great deal, this is probably the only way the dept can get the clinic up and running right now. Maybe in a few years they can renegotiate.