Comment Left re Vet-Gate-My rebuttal

A comment that came in:

The city already allocated those funds. If they don't use them for spay neuter, they go back to the general city fund. It would be more effective to give more coupons but not that many vets will take them. And, the person still has to pay for blood tests, vaccinations before they will do surgery. The $30 and $60 coupons only help a little in some cases. While it wasn't the best deal for the city, it's better than nothing and the money is basically free to the department.

I don't get it. This person thinks we get a deal for setting this guy up in private practice in a LAAS, with free rent, free equipment, free utilities, and he doesn't have to do even one free spay/neuter for the city, and that's supposed to be a bargain????

If he does 1000 spay/neuters for LAAS and charges $100 each, the City pays him an additional $100,000 less a $7,000 dollar discount? For this $7,000 discount we pay $320,000 contract amount plus $93,000 for LAAS spay/neuters?

I don't get how anyone thinks this is fair for the city at all.

The objection is that the $30-$60 certificates do not cover the entire price of the spay/neuter. That's true, but blood tests for surgery are not need if the cat is young and most will be kittens. Many vets accept the $60 certificate as full payment (Noreda Clinic, Value Vet), and $320,000 would buy 10,000 certificates.

As it is, the $320,000 does not buy even one free spay/neuter for LAAS. Am I missing something? This guy is getting a free lunch, free dinner and free beakfast, plus snacks.

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Anonymous said...

Boks is an idiot, and he just gets away with it.

But it can't last forever...