Eric Jones, Boks' Vetgate?

Boks said he'd get the spay/neuter clinics up and running. He didn't say that it would be of little or no benefit to the City, and that he'd have to pay the vet $320,000 a year for a 7% discount on LAAS spay/neuters.

He didn't say the vet would also be allowed to run a private practice on City property, using City supplied equipment with City paid utilities, all for a 7% discount on LAAS spay/neuters.

Eric Jones, DVM will also have a private shot clinic practice, for which he gives the City 50% up to $15,000 a year.

If his private practice makes a few hundred thousand net, he has to pay the City 10%.

Why is the City paying the expenses to support a private practice on City property? How did Boks ram this through? What is Boks association with Jones?

I am really, really shocked by this apparent corruption.

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Anonymous said...

Boks said he'd get the clinics up and running. Turns out the spayneuter clinics in the new shelters won't be done until next year. He wants to make it seem like he's doing something so he approves any offer. There was only one person interested in this RFP, Dr. Eric Jones. He could name his price, and he did.

Another way to look at it I guess is to figure out how much money it would cost for the city to run such a clinic on their own. $95,000 for a vet, $40,000 for a vet tech, insurance, medical supplies, phones, receptionist... Maybe it is cheaper this way. I have no idea. I do think that it's probably faster to subcontract it out like this. I think they just wanted any contract approved, just like with the spayneuter clinic in NC. They just gave it to that feral cat group. Better to have someone using that clinic rather than no one.