Naysayers Bark Up the Wrong Tree

I have two Naysayers who make regular “contributions” to this blog. One sends me every negative article about any Winograd-related shelter that has announced any degree of success. The other Naysayer is frankly insane. If I don’t post her comments, mainly because she doesn’t know how to write or her arguments do not make sense, she (or he) begins to send me comments like, “Ed, you are certifiable,” or “You need help,” or the like. Naturally, this is not a way of getting on my good side. I wish “Cheap Shot” would let me know who she (or he) is so I can send her equally ugly remarks.

However, this morning, Naysayer #1 sent me an article she thought was negative about the Philadelphia shelter. Unfortunately, the article did not present the full stats and I will ask Tara or Susan for them.

For the past month, Philly killed 400 kittens, adopted 150 and fostered 700. Naysayer figured this was indictment enough of all Winograd projects and the concept of no kill altogether.

But let’s look at the record.

Philly has 46 employees to LAAS 350. Philly has a budget under $4,000,000 while LAAS has $25,000,000.

The current LAAS animal statistics are too bizarre to take seriously, such as May-June when 291 neonates were unaccounted for. So I will use the July figures for 2006 before Ed’s lying got out of control.

LAS Neonatal numbers, July 2006:

New Hope----------71

So Philly, with a workforce 1/8 the size of LAAS, adopted over 50% more of kittens in raw numbers. It fostered 2,800% more. Of course, the numbers from Philly are for kittens I guess, not neonates, and the fosters probably are including all kittens and all cats, not just neonates. (and maybe fostered dogs too?)

But if we include all cats for LAAS we get:

New Hope----150
Fostered------- 24

As I said, we do not have comparable numbers. The ones from Philly do not discriminate neonates from kittens, and neither do the LAAS numbers.

But note that the LAAS fosters are a tiny fraction of Philly’s meaning they have a powerful force of volunteers.

Look Naysayers, please stick it; you don’t know what you are talking about. LAAS killed 3 times as many at Philly and fostered 1/28th.

Adoptions appear comparable though except after Philly's 2 for 1 sale, when they adopt out 4 months worth of cats in 4 days.

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Anonymous said...

Philly has been having 2 for 1 sales for a year now. The point is there are so many in foster and the adoption rate is so low. What will happen to those fosters when they come back to the shelter? I just wish you would use the same criteria to judge the others as you are now doing with LA. And you again are taking someone's word for the numbers and are providing no proof.