The Mysterious Disappearing Neonates

Two years ago according to LAAS stats, for May and June the number of neonatal puppies and kittens impounded was 2220. This year it was 1550. That is a decrease of 670 animals or 31%.

This is extraordinary and especially surprising for two reasons:

In the ten months leading up to these extraordinary two months, LAAS actually took in 200 animals more than the year before. Then, suddenly, in a two month period, they took in almost 700 less!

This by itself would be extraordinary. But there is more.

A quick run through of all five years of unweaned dog and cat figures shows there has never been two contiguous months with such a large drop in intakes. Never. Every now and again there would be a drop of 200 or so for isolated months compared to the year before, but never two months together at a rate of 335 a month.

Now Ed is claiming the June drop was the result of the previous year's spay/neuter efforst by LAAS. This is the most ridiculous nonsense I ever heard. Why did the reduction start only in April throguh June? Why wasn't Jan-March lower? Impounds were actually 200 more than 2006 before going into these Bermuda Triangle months when the neonates just disappeared.

Where did they go?

In addition, in March-June of this year, 271 neonates just disappeared! They were impounded, but there is no statistic as to what happened to them. They were not fostered, adopted, or euthanized. They just disappeared. They checked in but they didn't check out. Probably Ed reclassified them as cats, and cat euthanasia did not drop much.

Between these two extraordinary, unexplained statistics, we get an even more unexplainable statistic: unweaned euthanasia is down nearly a thousand (956) for just the past two months, which makes just about a thousand fewer euths than last year. These two months changed everything.

Now I have been told that animals are not being turned away. But, come on, 670 fewer than last year? AND, nearly 300 are unaccounted for without explanation.

This is why Boks transparency is transparent no more. No one can trust anything that comes out of the department.

By the way, do you think Eric Jones, DVM is Boks’ cousin? Maybe Villaraigosa's? Didn't Schwartzenegger give AV's sister a cushy job? Maybe Eric is related to Blackman, who the more we know about him, the sleasier he seems to get.

But this makes me think. Maybe Chick ought to look into the Eric Jones RFP process, his being the only bid to get a free $320,000+ free rent+ free equipment + free utilities, and the analysis done by whoever did it in the City and gave this whopper deal to Jones. Why is it only Jones put in a bid, and a bid that did only him good, certainly not LAAS or the City?

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Anonymous said...

I NEVER believe numbers that come from Boks. I don't even pay attention to them anymore.

All you have to do is go to the shelters and see the numbers.

His bullshit means NOTHING!

How did we end up with such a criminal bullshit artist? We are worse off than ever, and we have new shelters now that a truly competent General Manager would be able to do wonders with.

GET RID OF ED BOKS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!