I mentioned Ed's frequent "clarifications" and the most recent, which contradicts what the shelter sign says, not because I disagree with his policy of limiting owner impounds, but because it points out that you can't trust him. You don't know if he will keep a promise; you don't know when he is telling the truth; you don't know what he is saying about you behind your back.

I agree with his policy. This is the wrong time of the year to drop any animal off. I think there may be a higher survival rate on the streets or left with an uncaring neighbor.

The previous comentor is right. I should talk about the screw up employees. Tell me about them with specifics if you want. Most of you can't say anything because you won't be able to work with them again.


Anonymous said...

I have learned that Ed Boks is certifiable, and a pathological liar. He is a politician to the "T", and can't be trusted.

As far as the employees, it seems they all have to desensitize themselves to the animals' suffering in order to be able to sleep at night and return to work the next morning, day after day. It's just the way they deal with it, and the animals pay the price of having their lives in the hands of those that don't care because they can't.

Anonymous said...

The employees are overwhelmed, especially since Boks has packed the shelters to the maximum. There is more cleaning, more feeding and soon more euthanasia. They're become hardened. It's the only way they can deal with it.

I've seen new employees, all happy, positive, wanting to help the animals. They either quit or get hardened, only a few can stay positive. This is a big problem in the shelters.

Anonymous said...

A bud couldn't take the drama in the shelters anymore. Too many dogs + longer holding times= dog fights.

Yeah, no body wants to see them, & it's stressful as hell to break those fights up.

Ask Ed how many employees have been mauled/seriously injured with more animals being kept longer in the shelters.

Ask what he's doing about employee morale. Ask when he's going to have another employee meeting to see what's going on where the rubber hits the road. Hell, even the generals & congress go visit the troops in Iraq, but Ed doesn't come to the shelter unless it's for a photo/TV op.

The bastard.

Got a pretty good idea employees are just waiting for the new GM, because Ed is so far out there & has alienated everyone, I'll be surprised if he's there until the new year.

It's too bad that they can't keep the employees who could make such a difference in the shelters & for the animals.