Prediction--Boks will subtract Medical Euthanasia from All Euthanasia

In order to get his kill numbers down I predict Boks will soon subtract medical euthanasia from all euthanasia as a new categry. This would apply to owner turn-ins with terminal illnesses or injuries, and animals coming in ill, or animals that get sick and injured in the shelters.

As soon as this is the case, since died in the shelter and illness have been skyrocketing, non-medical euthanasia will plummet. Maybe all intakes will be considered ill after the category is created.

Then, retroactively, he will have made LAAS no-kill as of the day he started as GM.


Anonymous said...

If he can have a separate category for euth for medical reasons, I bet he won't allow as many to die in the shelter on their own. Allowing an animal to die is not humane. It's heartless that he is doing this for his numbers. I wonder how much of it has to do with lack of vets. Maybe there aren't enough vets to look at the ill and injured animals to see if they are dying.

Jeff de la Rosa said...

You've really got him pegged. Why doesn't Blackman see this? Or is he just the same as Ed? I've been predicting things, too, and he hates that, but let's see if he does.

Anonymous said...

Ed actually had the gall to say at the No-Kill Seminar that "very few healthy animals are killed" in the shelters. The only way this is true is because they get sick in the shelter due to incompetent disinfection. If they come in healthy, and you kill them, then you're killing healthy animals (after you have gotten them sick) Ed.

Anonymous said...

July 4: Boks did the exact same thing in NY. The animal would come in and they'd give it a health rating, 1-5. I think "1" was healthy. Anyway the animal would get sick in the shelter. Boks wanted the techs to change the initial rating of "healthy" to "unhealthy" so he could say all the animals he killed were sick and came in sick.

I can't believe he said "very few healthy animals are killed." So 38% of all animals that come into the shelter are unhealthy? Bullshit.