Mayeda killed almost 30,000 Cats in 2005

Look at the chart below. In 2005 LA County impounded 35,817 cats. 29,558 were killed or died in shelter; only 6,259 left the shelters alive.

The live save rate for cats was only 17.5%. The death rate was 82.5%. These are from the County's own statistics. Fewer than 1 out of 5 walked out alive. The worst performance of any large shelter system in the country bar none.

Look what else the chart shows: only 1% was placed with rescues!!! 1% compared with 12% for LAAS and we know how poorly LAAS is doing.

Click on chart for a larger image

Mayeda said 89% of adoptable cats were adopted. Jees, she makes Boks look like a piker both in killing and lying about it.

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