National Honors for the Shelter that Killed the Most Animals in the Nation

I want to announce a new national honors award for the shelter system that killed the most animals in its protection in the United States during 2006. Today’s award only covers cats and dogs, but there will be new honors in the future as new facts are found:

Top killing shelter the United States:

The award for first place in killing goes to LA County’s shelter system. Last year, calendar 2006, Marcia Mayeda’s wonderful employees, which she congratulated today for adoptions, killed 44,061 cats and dogs.

This far outpaces the nation’s second place killer, Maricopa County Animal Care, with 29,916 for calendar 2006.

The third place killing award goes to our own Los Angeles Animal Services with a calendar 2006 cat and dog kill of about 18,100 (Boks numbers have a way of changing, so I’ll put it at the approximate number of 18,100 animals killed.)

Finally, lagging behind is New York City, with a fiscal year 2006-2007 kill of 16,197.

I have sited the URLs where these figures have been officially or unofficially posted previously.

Let’s hear it for Marcia!!!

LA County, 44,061 cats and dogs killed.
Maricopa County, 29,916 killed.
Los Angeles Animal Services, 18,100 killed.
New York City, 16,197 killed.

This is sick, isn't it. Each system brags about the the numbers they save, and hides the numbers they kill.

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Anonymous said...

Do you think Marcia would want to do a press conference on the steps of the County supervisors office announcing that she kills 2.5x as many animals as the City? I could call the media for her.