Whistleblower From Phoenix About Boks

Boks claims in his bio that while in Arizona he created the first municipal mo kill shelter. It was pointed out to me that this was really an adoption center, not a shelter, and it is one thing to claim a no-kill adoption center and a no-kill shelter.

I did visit this adoption center about three years ago and was told by an employee that the euthanasia rate for cats was about 12%. Imagine if the adoption center has a 12% kill rate for cats, what about the shelter-shelter?

Below was sent out as an info email about Boks in Phoenix. I do not know if it is true, but it sounds true:

I thought I might share our experiences in Phoenix, AZ with Monster Ed's outrageous ideas and presentations to our metropolitan area. In order for Boks to get more money to use to redecorate his office in Arizona and for other such NON shelter items, Ed finagled a piece of property on some acreage that used to be an old DMV, dubbed it the "Adoption Center" and created a not-for-profit 501c3 org.

He dubbed his Adoption Center as NO KILL. He just made sure not to mention those dogs that take longer to be noticed, become ill, or develop "behavioral issues" got transported right back to the shelter (about ten minutes away) and killed!

The rescue community did not buy the lies he was feeding the public, but the media took his every word as gospel and continued to report inaccurate information. The Adoption Center was nothing more than a front for Ed. Finally, when everyone realized that Boks had taken money for his not for profit and no one could find out where the money went, (it certainly didn't go towards creating a true No Kill shelter,) he was run out of town.

We laughed at NYC for being so naive and buying Ed's deceptions - since so many of us celebrated joyfully after his departure from AZ. NY finally figured it out and fired him. But Los Angeles didn't heed the warnings or research the situation carefully enough - and it, too, has now fallen into Ed's trap.



Anonymous said...

And Villaraigosa reportedly still thinks he's going to be Governor.

How can we communicate to Villaraigosa, and the Blackmans and Bickharts who think they're going to Sacramento too, that their bush-league failure to research Boks -- and their subsequent refusal to even admit, much less fix the problem -- is going to cost all of them their political futures?

Anonymous said...

In Boks online resume he still insists that he "also established the first municipal no-kill shelter in the United States while in AZ." There were two shelters in Maricopa and an adoption only center. Boks started a 501 3c called "friends of Maricopa animal control" in order to get Maddies' funds to build the center.He got the land from the city. All he did was build another warehouse for the animals. Currently it's a cat adoption center.