Dana Bartholomew's Article is Out

Dana's article about LA's animal shelters is out with him presenting both our (sane, truthful, indignant) viewpoints and Bok's responses. Dana presented both sides well, maybe Boks' a bit better.

But what can I say, Boks' response sounds plausible. I said "sounds plausible" even though we know better. The general public does not.

The only way we can disprove Boks' rebuttals is by having access to all of the data from which Boks' creates his statistics and reports, and answers to our allegations. To outsiders, it would appear to be a case of he said, she said.

But Boks has refused to give Jensen much of the data he requested. I assume that data directly related to his current claims about geriatricsn and fosters as the cause of the increased died-in-shelter numbers will not be forthcoming--if at all--until after story is long gone.

To disprove Boks' spin, we would need to have stats on all impounded animals, their health status, treatment and disposition. Then we'd need a long time before Brad or anyone else of us to analyze the data and present our conclusions . Then no one would pay any attaention anyhow.

At least criticism of Boks is now mainstream media.


By the way, Dr. Cynthia Hockman's photo is on the front page of this Daily News story.


Anonymous said...

In the Daily News article there is a link to the city stats. Boks just added a new report to the top of the list. In it he says kitten euth is way down because of his work. Kitten euth is down in an amount equal to the number refused and the number died. 2,200 fewer taken in, refused, extra 300 died = 2,500. Kitten euth is down 2,500. More kittens weren't saved. If he didn't refuse those kittens, have more die, cat euth would be up.

In his live release chart you can see that it went down in 2006. New Hope is also down from 2005.

Here's a new one. He says DOA is up because they are now picking up dead animals. No, they aren't. Dead Animal Pickup picks up dead animals. Nice try.

Again, he blames vets, fosters for increase in animals dying. It's mainly adult cats dying of URI with cats/dogs.

Anonymous said...

The kitten in the Daily article is on the euth list. She is sick with URI. She may die before she's euthanized. Can someone save her? click to compare the two kittens. They are the same.

daily kitten

shelter kitten

Here's her info.



This animal has been at the shelter since 11/01/2007 and on this list since 12/03/2007 . EAST VALLEY

She could be dead already

Anonymous said...

Look at the photo. That kitten looks fine in the photo. That's what she looked like when she entered the shelter. She is NOW sick with a cold. She's been sick since at least 12/3. Let's see how long she lasts before she dies.