How Many People Watch This Site?

I have always wondered how many people actually view this site. I installed traffic software on Saturday, so it is too early to have any real knowledge about site traffic.

However, so far today (5:12 P.M.), 96 people have visited this site and have looked at about 2 posts each. The traffic prediction software predicts 2,800 visits per month viewing about 5,000 pages based on three days of data.


Anonymous said...

What happened to Dana Bartholomew's article?

Ed Muzika said...

I wish I knew. Dana told me his article had been put on hold several times during the past 10 days or so. I guess it happened again. It might well be that the editors do not want the article published as it might compromise their access to City Hall.

Apparently Villaraigosa and Blackman have dug in with regard to protecting Boks.

Anonymous said...

I'm guilty of viewing this site at least 2-3 times a day. More if I need to research something. Ed, your site has become quite a valuable resource to me. When I can't remember when something happened or what someone said, this is where I always begin my search.


Brad Jensen
Cypress, CA